Angel and her 24-hour in Singapore

Last Friday afternoon, suddenly I got a message from Angel our Tante Kos, saying that she is coming to Singapore that evening. It was a sudden decision tho. Something regarding the rejection of her Special Pass application.
Haiz stupid LUCT lah, why never help student wan?! Only want money but never help! Cish!!
She wanted to stay at my place just for that ONE night. So I asked my house owner lah. At first she was like, “Ok, but only for tonight”. Then I asked her again if my friend (girl) can stay at my place for 4 days next week. Then she said “Nope. Sorry”. So I reply her “But you got mentioned in the contract that my girl friends and mum can stay at my place for max. 1 week”
Then you know what did she say?
“I got the right to decide who can stay at my house. This is your last month of stay, so please cooperate, or else I’ll take immediate action”.
WTH right?!
Fine! Haiz this kind of people!
So I asked Angel to asked Juan whether she can stay at her place. Luckily Juan’s owner is okay with that. Phew~
Anyway, let’s move on to the happy things. On the Saturday, we met up at Orchard *Yayyy! Housemates’ reunion ^.^* for coffee then went to Changi to accompany Angel buy ticket to go back to Jakarta *long story. She had to let her SIN-KL ticket hangus just like that because her father asked her to just go back to JKT*
Ohhhh, and another disgusting thing: the JB Immigration staff sucks!!!! There was this particular one who gave his number to Angel and asked her to call him when she was in Singapore because he said he will asked his boss about her passport and entry permit *Because Angel now has a freaking red chop that stated her Special Pass application is rejected, she is actually forbidden to enter Malaysia*.
And you know what, that stinky man actually got a motif behind!! He even dare to ask her to stay at his house when she is going back to KL because by the time she reached JB it would have been too late. WTH right?! And he even said something like this:
“Actually you cannot enter Malaysia because you kena rejected already. But if go through my boss, can lah.”
Can you smell something fishy there?
Ya lo! Indirectly he asked her to “service” his boss! WTF!!!
Ah anyway, long story la. Lazy to type it all here. Hehehe :p
Back to Changi~
Luckily she still managed to get an Air Asia ticket at a reasonable price, S$117 for one way!
So that’s a short story of Angel’s visit to Singapore. Only for 24 hours! Lol!
Hopefully she can settle everything in Jkt so she can go back to KL without any more problem.

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