My last day at the opis

So I’ve finally resign from the company. There were a few reasons why, but I guess I’d better keep it to myself 😉
Anyway, these are the photos from my last day there.
Laydees and gentlemen, THIS:
is the AE’s area!
LOL! I got various comments when I post this pic on FB.
“Scary sia!”
“Why is there someone hunching at the corner?…”
“Still manage to catch a glimpse of nice lappies =)”
“So cool! Can’t see the table anymore!”
LOL I guess it’s kinda …erm…cool yet scary at the same time? Super messy wei!
The table on the front right side was mine. Nehh, the one with a blue bottle and a magazine on the MacBook. The table in front of mine was not occupied. Errm.. can be said that it was our “everything also put there” table :p
After work, we all went for my farewell dinner at Newton Circus *nonit to go so far from opis*
But not everyone can make it tho, only the ladies 🙂
Munching on yummy yummy chicken wings~

Gillian, the drink so shiok izzit? Lol!
Thanks for the nice dinner, ladies!! ^^
Gonna miss all of you!!

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