25 Random Things About Me

This is what bo liao people do in her free time. Oh well, I’m supposed to hit the bed, but my hands are just itchy to type. Pardon me -_-
Okay, so here goes, 25 random things about me that most people probably didn’t know:

1. I have a lot of nicknames, and I mean A LOT! I have no idea why people keep on coming up with one nickname after another for me -_-

2. I wish blogging can be my full time job, just like Xiaxue or Cheesie.

3. I am very particular about cleanliness and hygiene, but I’m not having OCD, though.

4. I am a shoes freak, and I have around 30 pairs of shoes by now, which by some people would be considered not THAT many, but I’m having budget constraint now, so I have to resist on splurging 😦

5. I used to learn violin for about a year, and I feel like learning again now…

6. I take pictures of every single weird and unusual thing (for me lah) I saw. Friends who know me well and hang out with me often will know that I have this habit in taking pictures of every single freaking weird/unusual/funny/cute/beautiful/ugly/magical thing I see.

7. I don’t like durian. But I like processed durian-related food, like durian pancake, durian sticky cake, durian pudding, and durian ice cream. Btw, there’s a yummy durian pudding at Kowloon Dessert in People’s Park Centre’s food court 😉


8. I love writing but I hate my Journalism class back in uni (Thank God it was only Elective) that I made up 2 out of 3 news that we had to write.

9. I am studying to be a wedding planner. It has been going on since April, and will go all the way till January 2011.

10. I used to have 2 cats, in which both died tragically 😦

11. I collect Google holiday logos, or those special events’ logos. Mochi helps me to save them just in case I forgot or something.

12. I am a green tea freak.

13. I secretly want to be a Travel channel presenter or a writer for Travel magazine

14. I regret of not prolonging my study in China. I miss Beijing tremendously.

15. I have a love-hate relationship with my home country. I really really hate the pollution, the freaking traffic jams, the omgsohigh level of crimes, and the inconvenient public transport, but I heart the ever so yummy food!

16. The only thing that will make me go back to Indonesia are my parents, and the fact that there are yummy yummy food there 😉
17. I used to have a diary until I was err…15 I think
18. I am racist. Under certain circumstances. I’m sorry but I just can’t help it 😦
19. And I think it’s because of the riots that happened in my home country 12 years back. Go Google if you have no idea about it.
20. I don’t and never smoke, and I hate people who smoke right on my face. Thanks, but I wanna live my life without any holes in my lungs, thank you very much 🙂
21. I am a big fan of Disney. Disney World is heaven on earth, for me.
23. I want to learn how to do voice-over, and hope that I can do voice-over for some Disney cartoon someday 😉

24. I used to love Sailor Moon to the point that I had a Sailor Moon costume (tailor-made wei, don’t play play), complete with the magic sticks, the personality-changing pen (erm..that pink pen with red gemstone on the top), the barbie, the big toy house, and the figurines.

Photo taken from here
I got that moon stick on the far right, and the pink pen beside it. Lol 😉
All I need was a pair of pink boots, long white gloves, tied my hair into two buns (eh I also did this before!) and jengjengjengggg…

“I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice. In the name of the moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil…and that means you!”

25. I used to have long hair that touches my waist, and fringe that went all the way til my chest.

2 thoughts on “25 Random Things About Me

  1. ROFL yes! 😀 Of course. Allow me to be your wedding planner. But..err…on second thought….maybe it will be better for you to plan your own wedding, since you will be one bitchy bridezilla. LOL! :p

  2. Holly crap!!wedding planner!?!?'member when we used to talk about how opening up our on EO?!?getting there huh nek?!You have to plan my wedding when I'm getting married…i'll be quite the bitchy little bridezilla I tell u!!hahahahahahaa….

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