An all-girls’ club

Finally I welcomed myself to the club ^^

I think not many people know this, but I’ve been wanting a charm bracelet for so long šŸ™‚
Err…forgotten how did I get my interest on it from, but I always fancy those cute little shiny sparkling charms :))
Anyway, normally people will start by getting the bracelet, then slowly completing the charms one by one. Mine’s the other way around tho -_-
I bought a few cute charms, then only I bought the bracelet. Hahahahahaha.

Thomas Sabo always has pretty charms which always draw my attention to. But unfortunately, they are a bit pricey šŸ˜¦
Oh wait, I shall say, it’s really pricey for a piece of charm -_-

But they are pretty, right right right??? šŸ˜€
This is my charm bracelet as of now. Gonna get (hopefully people will get me charms as well :p) some as the time goes~
LOL looks childish, eh? Don’t care la. I love the cute Disney charms and Gingy from Shrek šŸ˜€
Got them at a very cheap price. S$3.90 each. The Disney ones were bought at Takashimaya, while the Gingerbread man was bought at Universal Studio Singapore ^^
Err btw, I hope they won’t get rusty so soon tho. Cos Cintan also bought the Gingy one and it got “rusty” in 24 hour wth -_____-“
Not that I’m kiam siap of not wanting to buy a Thomas Sabo charm or what, it’s just that…I feel that S$50+ (some even reach S$150+) for a small charm is not that worth it. Although they are so pretty! But I’m gonna get Thomas Sabo charms as well for sure! šŸ™‚
Til then, let’s start the journey of completing the charm bracelet! šŸ˜€

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