2 hours in the lounge.

It’s precisely an hour to my flight back to the ‘Fine’ City, and here I am, sitting at the comfy sofa of HSBC Premiere Lounge at Terminal 2 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. An Airport that, honestly speaking, is still far from the “international standard”, if I could say so. An airport which isn’t really comfortable, but luckily the lounges help. A lot.

And this is when my trusty Baby Mac comes in handy, to transfer pictures from camera at a light speed, and upload them.
The family reunion went well, really really well. And all of us were so disappointed that it was over so fast. Three days and two nights wasn’t much. In fact, it was really really really short. Reunited with the big family is always a happy and joyful occasion, especially this time, most of the first generation from Hongkong came. Usually there would be just 2 of them. This time we got 5 :))
The story will be way too long if I wrote it here. Maybe I’ll post the pictures in the next post. Meanwhile, on my last night in this country which I have a love-hate relationship with, I spent it by sitting on the red plushy cinema couch, watching Karate Kid with Jessika. And now that I’ve watched it, I can say I like it. It’s nice, but I’d prefer if Jackie Chan was Mr. Miyagi instead. I grew up watching the complete Karate Kid movies. And yes, I love them 🙂
I’m sooo gonna miss paying IDR 15,000 for a movie on weekdays. It’s only S$2.5!!!!! Geez…and to think that watching movies in Singapore cost at least S$8 on weekdays, and S$10 on weekends. More over, if it’s a 3D movie, the price hikes up to S$14!!!!! -__________-
After the movie ended at around 11pm, we couldn’t resist to not go to the latest McDonald’s (which happened to be the 100th McDonald’s restaurant in Jakarta) which is located very near to our housing complex. Just stepped out of the complex, cross the street, and there you are at the most stylish McD at the moment (IMO). Very convenient!
The best thing is this McD opens for 24 hours. I know McDs in other countries are open for 24 hours 365 days a year. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen to all McDs in Indonesia. But I think most of them are becoming a 24 hours fast food chain now.
I like the concept. Minimalist and so comfortable. And they have McCafe too! And the 24 hours business hours means there’s McBreakfast :)) 5am-11am. Just the perfect timing.
Munching on 6 pieces of McNuggets and a pack of Medium french fries for two was good, as we were watching our surrounding and realized that there were a lot of little kids that were still up at an ungodly hour (for them la, of course), and wonder how come their parents still bringing them to McD at this hour. School holiday plays the role, I suppose.
After all the fun, it’s time for us to went home, and I didn’t sleep until 5am in the morning, continuing my research on Tea dress price range in Singapore, which is surprisingly, very hard to find! I’m sorry Jessica Darmali (why do I have sooo many friends named Jessica? o.O), I couldn’t find much information on that.
I don’t know why but it seems that I have a habit of not being able to sleep the night before I fly somewhere. It’s either: 1. I’m too excited for the flight or 2. I haven’t finished packing my luggage. Usually it’s the latter.
A HSBC Lounge staff just asked me what my flight is. Maybe he’s thinking why this girl has been sitting here for more than 1.5 hours already and still hasn’t board her plane just yet. He’s bored of seeing my face I guess.
It’s time to go into the boarding room now. I seriously don’t feel like going back there. My heart still belongs here. I wish I have Doraemon’s pinky magic door that could take me anywhere I want to. I’d stay in Jakarta, work in Singapore, and travel to different countries every weekend. Now THAT’s a good life.

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