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1. A crazy, awesome, loud, lovable girl. Impossible not to be smiling when around her. She lights up the entire room when she comes in. The bestest friend you will ever have. Sometimes known as Mia or Millie.

Amelia did a crazy dance move that only she can pull off!

2. (Noun) A female who is of average height, but seems to be taller because of the large and charismatic attitude with which she goes through life. Capable of being both beautiful and adorable, extremely intelligent and extremely blonde, never values herself accurately, and has the most beautiful sky blue eyes known to mankind. Can usually be found near any large collection of music, and is a fantastic swimmer, is surprisingly strong, and generally extremely ticklish.
Clueless guy/girl: Who was that gorgeous little minx that walked by?

Knowledgeable Friend: That’s Amelia, and forget about it, she engaged to Tom. And she would still be out of you league if she wasn’t.

Clueless guy/girl: Oh, right. I should have known right away, her looking so awesome and whatnot.

3. A woman who is loud, obnoxious and rather promiscuous. she watches south park religiously and it has be known to numb her brain, evident by her lack of knowledge. believes she is funny but in actual fact, she is the only person who laughs at her jokes.
Guy 1: did you get far with that girl last nite

Guy 2: all the way, but she kept making really unfunny jokes and laughing at them herself

Guy 1: ha, such an Amelia

4. Girl who changed ZeuZbmr. She then procided to molest zeuz..
ZeuZ cannot stop thinking bout amelia

Now can somebody tell me what is the meaning of number 4?? -_-

*I left out a description that is totally inappropriate to be posted here -_-

1. Pronoun: A legendary figure who is the envy of his friends. All the ladies want to be with him, all the men want to be him.

Dave: Dude, that Benedict is so fuckin’ cool, I just want to be him.
Bill: Me too. He gave my mum a spiderman monkeyface donkeypunch combo.

2. Slang word for a condom.
(Deriving, tongue in cheek from Pope Benedict’s refusal to accept condom use as part of Catholic Doctrine)
Hey, Emily – when you are at the gas stand on the way back can be sure to get some Benedict’s. I suspect we will have a quiet night in today….

3. probably the cutest pet one can have
Females were all on me when they saw me walking my eggs benedict down the street.

4. noun: A traitor, a Judas. Also, a sell-out. Named for Benedict Arnold, America’s most infamous betrayer (during the American Revolution).
“Callin’ me Arnold, but you a Benedict/ Eazy-E saw your ass and went in it quick.” — from Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline”

5. (v) to f*** over; to betray; to mislead
That lunatic totally benedicted me

Wow! He should win the Oscar for benedicting us.

6. an aussie slang word used mainly by ‘stingray’ in neighbours which means to be a traitor.
you freakin benedict, i oughta kick your ass

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