Sometimes all we need is little joys in everyday life

One thing I love from this job is the feeling of satisfaction I get from helping community members to solve their problems, assisting them and make sure they are happy.

This may sounds cheesy, but I do feel happy for those who win our call for entries. Take today, for example. We’ve finally gotten our winners for a call for entries by an international major beverage brand. I was feeling very sleepy that time, but once I’ve heard the news, it feels like there was some sort of electricity jolted inside of me, waking me up. I was literally feeling very very happy and excited. Yes, I know I’m not the winner. I’m not the one winning that $XX,XXX amount of money, but I do feel like I am winning too!
And when the winner responded to my email, it was such a joy to see their reaction. A mixture of shock, happy, and couldn’t believe their eyes.
One of them told me that he was feeling so buzzed right now that he might not be able to sleep tonight, simply cos he couldn’t believe that he won and he was so excited about it. 🙂
Yes, just an email and it could really brighten up my day. I’m easy to pleased huh? :p
Another example is this email that I received a couple of days ago. I’ve received several similar emails before, but let’s just take this one as an example.
Basically this community member was telling me how he felt so down when two of his entries got rejected, and also due to an uploading problem which failed him a couple of times.
What I did was nothing really special (IMO) and it was just a normal thing to do. But he was saying that (Ok, this may sounds cheesy again, and I don’t mean to boast myself up or anything in any way) I was like a guardian angel came to the rescue, and make sure everything was alright and his hard work wouldn’t go to waste.
It was quite a lengthy email, and I can really feel his sincerity in it. You know how some people sounds so nice in the email but they were actually insincere? So yeah, it was heart warming to see such an email in your inbox in the midst of your hectic day. 🙂
All in all, what I wanted to say was that this job is kind of like my dream job. I get to interact with lots and lots of community members from diverse background. Sure, there are some who make me feel like throwing my slippers right at their faces, but most of them are generally very nice, and I simply love the interactions between us. I love the way they feel happy and excited knowing they have won something, I love the feeling of engaging them to unleash their creativity and potential, and I simply love the “Thank you”s I get from them 🙂
It’s the little things in life that count… I always try my best to be grateful and to always look at the bright side of life. These little joys is what make me go through and always want to do the best…

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