When we said just send it to our office, we meant it that way!

Just blew up at this very annoying company who has been calling us for months and is always asking the same dumb question!!! I usually still layan them and tried to be nice, but today, I got so fed up and I just blew up and scolded them right there and then.

“Why are you so mean?” o.O

Wait, before you judge anything, let me tell you a story of how this typical company/organization/whatever-not-like-i-care behave:

Every time they call our office (and I mean EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME), they always ask for the foreign managers/directors, and when we asked “What is it regarding about?”, they always say “oh yes, ma’am, it’s regarding a document that we want to send him/her”.

The first time I received such call, I thought it may be real. But then after I put down the phone, my colleagues told me that they have been calling for quite some time. (They can call you minimum 2 times every month).

Okay, after I knew about it, I was just acting cool and entertaining their requests and was like “whatever”.

Picture taken from here

And yes, they kept on calling and calling and calling and calling, and NO single document was ever sent to our office, although they have got the names of the Director/Manager. What nonsense!

So today, precisely like half an hour ago, they called again and THEY ASKED THE FREAKING SAME QUESTIONS ALL OVER AGAIN! They said that they need to send a document only to foreign managers, how many foreign managers do we have here in the company. When I mentioned 3, she kept on insisting to know the names of the other 2 (she has known 1 of them already). I told her that she can just send the document to our office and we will distribute it to the 3 of them. But she kept on insisting and insisting and insisting to know their names. Her tone was not so professional either.

So that’s it. I got my last straw, and I told her straight away:

Picture taken from luckylovers.net

“Listen, I’m sorry to say this but you guys have been calling us again and again and again for so many times and you have never even send any documents here. So please stop calling us! Thank you!!”

…and I slam down the phone.

And just fyi, they also called our office YESTERDAY. My colleague has been quite sarcastic to them yesterday, and yet they still have the guts to call again TODAY.

And my friends should know that I’m not the kind of person who gets angry easily.

Picture taken from here

They never learn from our reaction.

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