Of Suits and Men.

Suits and Men.

Two things that will look oh-so-great together.

Aha! Ladies, I know most of you are attracted to men in suits, don’t cha? 😉

I’m not sure why myself, but there is something in Men in Suit that attracts me. Maybe it’s the look of sophistication they possess? Hahahahaha

Anyway, if you are into men in suits, do check out Of Suits and Men.

It’s set up by Lucy, a friend of mine, who is..erm…digging men in suits.

Lucy, CMIIW! LOL :p

It’s pretty cool. She displays pics of men in suits from various sources (eye candy!) and I think the site has got some ladies fans as well 😉

Here’s some sneak previews to get you tempted:

Quickly check it out!

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