My photos are back!!!

I finally managed to get my photos back from my external hdd that I accidentally-reformatted last year! Yes, last year, you got it right. Stupid me transferred ALL photos into my then brand new baby mac, without realizing that a lot of them were actually not transferred (just folders with empty contents).

I really felt like crying the moment I realized that! My precious photos!! My photos in Beijing (none was saved. NONE!), my photos in Malaysia, etc etc etc. T___________T

Tried 2 recovery software and to no avail. I finally tried Data Recovery 3 that I bought in Jakarta last year, and voila! I got most of my photos back! Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyy!! *dancing in joy*

Ok, some of them are actually damaged T_______T #heartbreak

So instead of normal pictures, they look like these:




Eh, but somehow it’s kind cool, huh? Like those ‘3D’ image where you need to concentrate on those kind of patterns til you are able to see some images in it (which I’ve never been successful of doing) :p

Ohh..and some of them (read: a lot) look like they came out of Lomo cameras:





Hahahahaha… effortless lomo shots. I think it’s even nicer than the pictures I snapped with my Blackbird #seriousface

Okay, lesson learnt: Do NOT reformat your External HDD. Go get a new one, lah!

But nevertheless, I’M HAPPY to get my photos back!!! 😀 😀 😀

I shall continue to rob beg my friends for other photos.

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