Random things lately via iPhone and Instagram

Yup. I’ve finally gotten myself an iPhone 4S (in white) and so far I’m loving it a lot! Gonna sell my iPod Touch and go back to the good old pink iPod Nano.

So today’s post will be filled with pictures taken by my iPhone. They are in their original state fresh out of the iPhone and some have been beautified with Instagram (the squarish ones). The quality of iPhone 4s’ camera is very good for a smartphone. I love the HDR function on it. The differences on some pictures are really obvious. I’ll show some examples later on.

There will be 60 pictures in this post. Let’s start!

PAUL in Ngee Ann City! I kinda felt deja vu when I first saw it because I just came back from Paris that time and I went to Paul there.
Can’t resist colourful things!
One of my happy buys on one of the weekends!

Veggie sistahood

So I went to this jigsaw puzzle challenge at Eastpoint Mall on 11 March. The puzzle was in A1 size, 800 pieces.

We finished off fourth. No prize for us, but it was definitely fun. We split the work and I got to complete the one on the bottom right. It has chinese words and flowers (!!!) which made it harder (actually the flower was the >.< part)
Donny gor gor’s birthday dinner! His parents were in SG as well that time and they have just came back from Malaysia for holiday. Oh, just realized it’s from my cousin’s iPhone.

Bought this super cute earphone jack cover from Gmarket…

Cute, right!! I love how dumb he looks. Oh, btw, his name is Ddong-E, and no, I didn’t create the name. It was stated on the packaging.

See, it matches my pink Apple cable *bimbo mode: on*
I received it in the morning, and…. I lost it in the evening on the very same day -________- so sad!

It was boss’ birthday. So Sherlene went to buy this very yummy Lychee Martini birthday cake for him. If not mistaken, it was from Pine’s Garden or something at Ang Mo Kio.

Laksa Pasta from Celina’s Gastrobar! Truly a fusion of East and West hor! Really good!

Went to watch Corrinne May’s concert at Church of St. Mary of the Angels (Bukit Batok) on 23 March with Devina. She got 2 free tickets from her friend so she asked me to go with her!

And we had supper at Starbucks Holland Village afterwards~ Diet what diet?

My Swatch collection! Too bad I lost my favourite (Pure Black SKF 116) 😦

Tony Roma’s with Devina!! It’s been so long since the last time I went there =9

I love the decoration at WABar. It’s a Korean bar near my office and they decorate the whole place with beer bottles! These are some of the ones they display at the entrance!

Have been looking for a nice angel wings ring for quite sometime and finally found one on Gmarket. Juan bought one as well.

Love how colourful the Tod’s ballet flats are…

Hello Ginger!!! She just had her haircut that day. Super adorable although she is damn active -_-

I like Soup Restaurant’s Samsui Chicken! =9 =9

My big bow dress which I got on a sale for $29.90

Ok, so here’s the first comparison of the normal and HDR photos by iPhone:
HDR – The difference is obvious, huh?
Btw that is my favourite Indonesian drink. It’s sweet tea. Hehehe…


My favourite childhood snack: Kue cubit!! (although I personally call it Kue Laba-Laba. My dad was the one who used that term first)

Tahu Telor! =9
Damn…I’m feeling hungry now…..

Some cute Tabasco kitchen loofah I saw at Ace Hardware Jakarta. I’d probably wouldn’t want to use it if I ever buy it…

K-food dindin with Cintan and her mum! It was at Han Gang, Grand Indonesia. Pretty pricey but nice.

Got the cupcake ring at Forever 21 Jakarta for just…IDR 19,000 (= SGD 2.8!). The bow belt was from F21 too, but I bought it 2 years ago in SG for SGD 7!
Indonesian kuih! Ahhh….. feels like balik kampung just to nom all the yummy food there!!

Chocolate Banana Espresso cake from Cedele. Pretty moist and fluffy. Yummm =9

Marché feast with Cyn

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this picture really cracks me up! Welcome your new VivoCity models! I look like I don’t have neck…
I’ve been loving Tokidoki ever since I was in university, but has never got the chance to buy the bags cos they are expensive (I especially love the Le SportSac x Tokidoki series which have been discontinued now T________T). I saw this on sale at TANGS and I just had to buy it! SGD 69!

My supply stock to last me til….dunno… maybe June.

Another childhood snack that I love! (although the portion is getting much lesser than before now). It’s crispy snack in seaweed flavour. MSG heaven.

My favourite car in pink!! The colour is much nicer in real life though…

I love this pair of shoes I bought from Allegra, but it’s giving me bad blisters. When I said ‘bad’, I mean those kind of blisters where your skin peels off and it becomes watery. The first time I’m wearing it, I got super bad blisters on my toes and heels. I brought them back to the shop to be softened and now the heel part is super comfy, but the front part still bites me >.<

The victims! Juan said the way I put on the plasters is pretty cos they are aligned (#Designer). LOL! Sorry ah, my feet are not pretty.
Went to Food for Thought at Botanic Garden with Cyn last week. Turns out the cafe is located at the other end of the garden and we had to walk around it to get there. But it’s fine cos it’s nice anyway.

Thanks to the direct sunlight, this pic looks like it came out of some horror movie… Don’t know why I feel it’s like a scene out of Twilight….

This one looks like it came out of a Korean drama to me…

Yummy and moist Classic Southern Red Velvet Cake from Food for Thought

$0.50 of happiness #Ikea

Accompanied Juju to Ikea the other day to look for furnitures

Hehehehehe….big mouth!!
Random colourful rugs #Ikea

And here’s one last comparison of the non-HDR and HDR pics:
HDR. For some reason, I like this photo. It gives me a feeling of a small suburb where the people cycle everywhere, wearing pretty flowy dresses and big hats,…. ok too much imagination already.
Oh, sorry. Turns out there are 2 more pics for HDR comparison:
HDR. That is getuk btw. Got it from Bengawan Solo today. Ahhh the taste of Indo~
Belated Val’s Day gift from the bf! Ok la, actually he bought it before Val’s Day, but I only got to meet him last month. So yea… Cute hor!! I love it a lot! 😀
Our Eiffel Tower keychains I bought in a small cute shop in Paris
The Panda of Lotte’s Koala March. Randomly snapped in KL. I like this kind of cute mascot. Hahaha
Errr…taken at KLIA before I flew back to SG. Aiya, iPhone front camera sucks la!
Emo cat on my way to work
I like this shot cos it looks appetizing to me. Yes/no?
A VW New Beetle wedding car!! So cute leh!! XD
Ok, end of update. Abruptly ended -_-

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