Inside My Bag

A little bored right now so I’m gonna do a “what’s in my bag” post. Actually have been thinking of doing this since like 2 years ago after reading the “Inside Her Bag” posts on Fashionese Daily.

So yeah, I’m gonna do it now!

I am the person who (quite) enjoy changing bags. Hehehe… The ones I’m using regularly at the moment are my LV Speedy 30 in Damier Azur, Longchamp Planètes Modele Déposé (small), Tokidoki, and Coach Horse and Carriage Tote.

I’m currently using my Speedy, so that’s gonna be the bag featured in this post. I super love this bag because it’s so roomy! The bag itself is not heavy and the capacity is so big it fits everything I need and I still can fit more things inside.

Sorry for the not-so-good picture quality. The lighting in my room is quite dim and my DSLR is spoilt, so I had to rely on my compact.

Bag content:

1. Braun Buffel purse – 2011 birthday gift from my best girls.
2. Green H&M card case – To put all my loyalty/membership cards so it makes my wallet a lot less bulky. Got it at H&M in Paris for only EUR 2.90!
3. LeSportSac makeup pouch (ok, more like Doraemon pouch. You’ll know why later).
4. Wet Tissue.
5. Pocket tissue (dry).
6. iPhone 4S.
7. Blackberry Torch (Bold 9800).
9. Mipow Power Pack 3000 + pouch – I’m very anxious if my iPhone battery is running low when I’m out and I know I won’t be home so soon. So this is very important to me.
10. Canon ixus 860i (inside the purple pouch) – Have been using this for almost 4.5 years now.
11. Ultimate Ears UE 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones – Actually the silicon ear cushions are supposed to be in neon yellow, but I changed it to black cos I lost one of them the other day (don’t want to use the spare ones just yet). Good sound quality that comes with a very affordable price tag – SGD 19.90!
12. iPod nano 4th gen in Pink – With pink silicon case as well.
13. Disney portable umbrella. – Mom bought it for me at HK Disneyland.

Inside the Doraemon pouch: 
1. Pearlie White Breath Spray – I like the fresh feeling after I spray it in my mouth.
2. Etude House Juicy Pop Tube in Cherry flavour.
3. Clinique Long Last Lipstick in All Heart (15) – I like how it stays on for long and doesn’t dry my lips out. 
4. Neutrogena lip balm.
5. Doraemon pocket mirror – Mom bought this for me when I was in Junior High.
6. Pink and rabbit mini hair clips.
7. Pocket hair brush – Yea, I know it’s Cinderella. Hahahaha… I didn’t care about the image when I bought it. I just like the shape cos it’s small and convenient.
8. Plasters – I believe every girl should have at least a few plasters in her bag. You’ll never know when are your shoes gonna bite you.
9. Pink bag hanger – SGD 2 from Daiso.
10. SanDisk 8GB flash disk.
11. Bobby pin – Sometimes I bring more than 1.
12. Black hair clip – Yea, I realized I have 4 different types of hair clips with me. Don’t ask why. I don’t know why either.
13. Safety pins – Another necessity I believe every girl should have in her bag. You’ll never know when you’ll need it! 
14. Springy hair tie – Actually I don’t know why I bring it cos I haven’t been tying up my hair for about a year or so…
15. Clean & Clear Oil Control Film.
16. Fisherman’s Friend – my favourite mints besides Smint. Flavour is usually either lemon, cherry, or citrus.
17. Toothpick – Errr… I normally take some from restaurants.
18. Watson’s Dental Floss Toothpick – I actually prefer this over normal toothpicks.
19. iBanking toggle. 
Aside from the things mentioned above, a lot of times I also bring a book and/or a bottle of water. Quite a lot of things there, huh? By the way, my LeSportSac pouch looks small but it can actually keeps a lot of things inside! 😀 

4 thoughts on “Inside My Bag

  1. Hi Amelia, i chance upon your blog from Kristine CC. Just wanna ask if you happen to have purchased the Cabin Crew Secret Manual? As i have paid for it from Kristine, but failed to download it. 😦 And she hasn't reply me for 3 days now. If you have it can you send it to me? I can prove with my paypal receipt. Hear from you soon.

  2. Yes, they do come in very handy a lot of times 😀 I guess I just want to be prepared in case I ever need it. Hehehe…By the way, you sell cute stickers!! XD

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