Good gracious!! It’s already July?!

And I have skipped a month of not blogging again -_-

The last 2 weeks have been very very packed for me. Starting from shopping for stuffs to bring back for my parents, meeting a friend just one day before I flew back to Indonesia (not to Jakarta, but Solo this time round), packing and slept for like 2 hours before I rushed off to the airport to catch my flight to Indo. Came back last Tuesday, a company dinner, and went to Malaysia on Friday night and returned last night at 00:00 sharp! (Cinderella much?)

Feeling quite exhausted now, actually. Haven’t been having enough sleep for the last couple of weeks. And I can’t even rest this week just yet as I have to pack my stuffs and move out to my new place! Actually was supposed to move out by next week but because of a circumstance, I was forced to move out 1 week earlier.

Okay, so after this week ends, I HAVE to pay off my sleep debt and just nuah-ing on the bed. Ahhh… bliss~

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