Jolly July

July was pretty much a fulfilling month for me with some happenings. This is gonna be a photo entry.

Started with me moving out to a new place:

Yeah, those are all my possession.

Everything from the plastic cabinet on the far left to the small Zalora black box on the far right (except the brown handbag on the bench and helmet and fish bowl).

Thankfully I had 4 cousins helping me transferred them to the new place *wipes sweat*. Anyway I think these are already lesser than when I first moved out to the above place (I’ve moved houses thrice within 2.5 years in SG) because I’ve brought most of my books back to Jakarta and I’ve also given some clothing items away.

So anyway, my current place is a lot nearer to office (15 mins VS 1 hour by bus), (way) nearer to city center, and… just simply more comfortable overall πŸ™‚

Went to watch Madagascar 3. I feel the story was kinda less funny than the first 2 cos I realized I laughed a lot lesser. But I like it because the atmosphere was so colourful!

Laura made some cute chocolate cakes and brought them to the office! Initially I thought they were macarons, but turns out they weren’t! It was yum! The shells were spongy and the chocolate taste was not overwhelming. The filling was not very sweet either, just how I like it.

(Random note: I like the lighting in my office! It’s so bright so pictures turn out nice and well-lit!)

July is the birthday month! Seriously, I lost count on how many people I know celebrate their birthdays in July excluding the 4 important people to me: Mochi, Vina, Mee, and Mario.

I flew to KL for Mochi’s birthday and we had a nice Japanese lunch at Watami One Utama.

And the yummy nasi lemak! I dunno exactly where the stall is (it’s at a roadside). I only know it’s after Federal Highway…. Not helping, I know =.=

(Oh sorry, I went to KL first before I moved to my new place. Lazy to re-arrange the photos so nevermind lah hor?)

Mee’s birthday dinner was held on 18th July. We had steamboat! and chinese dessert!!

Us sans Mario.

And went to Marina Bay Sands on a Saturday evening to have dinner and we were on time to catch the fireworks and water fountain show.

Went up to the Sky Park. Times like these are when I wish I have my DSLR in hand 😦

You see what I mean? It looks gorgeous and all but I don’t really like how the lights were blurry on the edges. But oh well. It’s satisfying considering it was taken with my S100 sans post-processing.

At the end of July, I had another birthday lunch for Mario. It was at Tao’s at PoMo:

I like their concept of ‘affordable fine dining’ (I made that up) because they serve nothing but a set of either 6 or 7-course meals. Basically it’s like casual fine dining. Ok, I don’t even know whether it make sense. Nevermind.

Saw this cute wedding car afterwards:

Hahahaha it’s kinda…unique and quirky in a way, I guess? Cos it’s an old car but in pink colour! First time I’ve seen such combination. Hehehe πŸ˜€

After the lunch I made my way to Singapore Indoor Stadium for… Saltimbanco!! Yeahhhh Cirque du Soleil, baby!

It was awesome!! My first and surely won’t be the last time watching Cirque du Soleil’s performance. I think their bodies were made of 90% rubber and 10% bones + skin *serious face*

And that concludes my Jolly July!! I can’t wait for October now! Why? cos of…. Legoland and Hong Kong! Woohoooooo!!! πŸ˜€

Oh, one last thing. All photos in this post were taken with my new S100 and free of photoshopping! (except the one of Mochi and I). Well, I did use photoshop just to add my blog address. That’s all.

2 thoughts on “Jolly July

  1. Nice monthly wrap-up! πŸ™‚

    Hey, I wonder what model that car is. It looks a little like a Daihatsu Charade – a very old model, but I can’t be sure.

    Hope you’re settling down well in your new place – given it’s been 4 months, you probably have. Cheers! πŸ˜€

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