Mum’s “Birthday Dinner”

It was my mum’s birthday yesterday. She sent me photos of her with her birthday cakes and flowers from daddy. Here’s how it went:

For non-bahasa speakers, here’s the translation… slightly Singlish:

Me: Wahhh nice cakes!
You’ve gotten 2 already! Hahahaha

Mum: Of course… That flower is from daddy.

Me: Oooo icic… So where are you going for dinner?

Mum: We are going for dinner at Hotel Mulia (one of the 5-stars hotel in Jakarta).

Me: Wheee nice!
With TK as well? (TK is a family best friend)

Mum: Qiqiqiqi (–> this is a type of laughter)… We are going to a wedding reception at Hotel Mulia

Me: Haiyoo… I thought you were going for dinner -_______-

Mum: This is also dinner ma. Eat Salmon Puff, Pancake Ice Cream…

Me: Kakakakaka (–> Another weird laughter of mine. Excusez-moi) free dinner

Mum: Not free lah. We give angpao (red packet) ma…

Yeah, my mum…

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