Twenty Six

So yesterday was my birthday! Happy birthday to me! *like damn loner like that wtf*

The day was great! No rain at all. Only veeerrryy slightly drizzling in the morning, but after that, sunshine throughout the day! It’s funny considering that it’s been pouring cats and dogs every single day for the past few weeks. Means…. God must have loved me very much ya? πŸ˜€

My first present was from Aunt Lia (of course lah. We’re staying at the same house. hahaha). It’s a very nice card with one of the cutest pressies I’ve ever received:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it.

Background: Both of us have bought tickets for J.Lo’s “Dance Again” concert in Dec. I was about to pay her back that day (we purchased it using her credit card) but she made it as my birthday present instead. We haven’t taken the tix from the agent yet, so she wrote it on a paper. Hahahahahaha!

So THANK YOU, Aunt Lia and Aunt Iing! πŸ˜€

My day started with breakfast with Sher at a coffee shop near our office. After we came back to office, she messaged me on Skype after awhile:

Sorry if it’s not funny to you. Our ‘haha point’ are very low and both of us are easily amused. So yea. Only this madam will actually put a present IN the toilet LOL!! For the record, she was sitting upstairs and I was downstairs, hence the saying “I heard u opening the door.” (there’s a door leading to the toilet from my work area). Hahahahahaha!

But I forgot to take a pic of the present on the rack! T___T So this is my best effort photoshopping it to illustrate it:

Lazy to photoshop it on the mirror side. Ahahahahahaha!! More or less is like that.

The grey kitty actually refers to the Littered with Books’ (the book shop 23 steps away from our office where she got my present from) logo.

So what’s inside?

The answer is a very nice canvas tote! πŸ˜€

Love the paw prints on the sides. It adds the unique touch to it and being a person who loves books and meaows, this is purrrrfecto!

Eh now that I think of it, it actually covers my interests at once: bag, book, cat! THANK YOU, Madam Tay!! πŸ˜€

Then the birthday cake cutting tradition at the office! Chocolate cake from Barcook bakery this time!! It’s yummy and so chocolatey! Thanks for choosing it, Wilson! And lucky for Sher as she wasn’t in the office that time. She won’t eat this one lah. This woman hates chocolate. Hahahaha!

And after office hour, it’s cousins’ dinner time!! πŸ˜€

I chose Sugisawa, a small Japanese restaurant at Riverside View (Robertson Quay). I’ve been there once and I like the freshness and juiciness of their sashimi and sushi. The sushi are like those in Japan, with a little rice and big topping, unlike most of the sushi restaurants in Asia (that I know of) where the amount of rice compete with the size of the topping (= both are of the same size).

So food was good (except for the Tori Karaage – Not crispy and too oily), however, service sucks max! I shall spare the story for another day as I want this to be a happy post.

My Ebi Fry Bento. So huge! o.O Definitely couldn’t finish this. I’ve heard about how big the bentos here are, but I didn’t know it would be THAT big.

The yummy Sashimi platter. Okay, only 3 of us ate it (Mee, Steph jie-jie, and myself).

Thennnn it was cake time!! This time it’s a raspberry cake from Paris Baguette! Mannnn it’s been long since I last had anything from Paris Baguette. I used to buy their bread and cakes quite often when I was in Beijing.

Yea I know, the message is so -__________- For non bahasa speaker, it says “Happy Birthday, Grandma!’ -____________- no idea why that nickname kinda stick with me T___________T *pinch Mee and Na*

Anywayyyy, the cake is nice! Not too sweet and coupled with the sourness of raspberries, it tastes just right! =9

Unfortunately we were already too full by then, so most of us couldn’t finish our slices of cakes.

Group photos!!

*I hate my hair in this picture! *

Donny kor-kor actually asked a Japanese man who was obviously rushing to helped us with the picture. Coz all of the waiters/tresses look so busy, he stopped him when he was about to walked into the restaurant (we were at the outdoor seating area). He was in a rush, holding his jacket and briefcase and all. Quite funny to see his expression when he asked him to help us. Hahahahahaha! Arigato, uncle!

Gift from the cousinz! Ok lah, actually they asked me which model of hair dryer do I want, the night before my birthday. Hahahaha!! A week before, Steph jie-jie asked me what do I want for my birthday. I told her I wanted a Chanel 2.55 lambskin black. So she said, “Okay, we’ll get you the catalog. The real item will come later, ok?”. LOL!

So the night before (19th Nov), Murni jie called me and asked what is the hair dryer brand with ion thingy that I mentioned last time (I did mention once when we were in HKG. Cos I was eyeing the above model and was thinking to buy if it’s much cheaper there. Turns out it’s only like SGD 28 cheaper, so I didn’t get it). So I mentioned Panasonic. Then she asked me back, “so which one do you want?”. Hahahahahaha! πŸ˜€

THANK YOU, cousinz!! :* πŸ˜€

Now I can haz silky smooth hair everyday~

Just a picture of the gifts I received (minus the J.Lo’s “ticket”. Hahahahaha) πŸ˜€

And so, that marks the end of my 26th birthday! Happiness throughout the day. Thanks to everyone who called, texted, Whatsapp-ed, BBM-ed, tweeted, and wished me both in person and on Facebook! All of you made my day!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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