Funny things ladies said

Aunt Lia = L
Me = A
Mum = M
Aunt Vivi = V

L: Eh, nik, ingetin ya nanti mo beli buat orang kantor yang di Manila.
A: Apaan tan?
L: Itu tuhh… Bee Cheng Chong
A: Hah? Bee Cheng Hiang maksudnya? HAHAHAHAHAHA
L: Oh iye salah. HAHAHAHAHA

(We were at a mall. A guy bringing a green Longchamp Le Pliage bag was walking in front of us).
L: Eh liat deh, itu cowo pake tasnya Langchong…
Eh tuh kan sampe salah. Maksudnya mo ngomong “Longchamp” sama “Bencong”.

(We were walking out of the mall after watching ‘Skyfall’. As we were walking, there’s a shop with Timbuk2 neon box on the store display.)
L: Mereknya aneh amat, Timbuk timbuk…
A: Hah? Timbuktu kali tan.
L: Oh iya ya!
Both: *Couldn’t speak due to laughter*

(We were at Honeymoon Dessert, talking about anything from A to Z, back to A again. So at that time we were talking about some political issue in Indonesia).
L: Iya, inget ga si itu tuh, artis yang jadi anggota DPR… si Angelina Jolie…
(It’s supposed to be Angelina Sondakh)

(We were then talking about holidays)
M: Iya, kayak waktu aku di Aussie naik hip hop bus…
A: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hip hop!! Ntar aku bikin bus namanya Rock ‘n Roll!
All: ROFL! *laughed til tearing*
(It’s supposed to be ‘Hop on hop off bus’)

(Aunt Vivi and Uncle Juan just came back from Shanghai)
V: Tante bawa dendeng tuh, beli di Shanghai, di Bee Cheng Hee
All: LOL!!!
(Supposed to be Bee Cheng Hiang, lah!)

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