An apple on my head

Why are air tickets to Australia so expensive?! Add about S$200-300 more and I can fly to Europe already (considering the tickets are on sale). Pfftt!

I was hesitating whether or not to go to Perth in April for Cimir’s wedding. Wanted to go but I was thinking I’ve spent quite an amount of money in the past 3 months (Oct-Dec) due to 2 holidays and Christmas season. But I also feel like going! How ar? Maybe I go rob a bank first or find a rich old man and take his money and use it to buy tickets to Aussie and to shop. Okay, I think the second one is more feasible.


Cintan and Yank2 have bought the tickets (Jetstar) when it was on sale and 2 return tickets + baggage cost less than S$1,000! Siao ar so cheap!

When I was browsing around for tickets yesterday, the cheapest one was about S$500+ excluding baggage! Might as well go for Qantas. S$6xx including baggage and meals and all.

So I may just wait for some miracle sale to go on now so I can go *pray*

Anyway, some pictures from my phone recently:


Pac-man Havaianas!!! Damn cute, right? Was tempted to get a pair but I couldn’t justify paying S$50 for a pair of slippers.
Ipanema’s price is reasonable, but not this.


Found this cute and dumb-looking Dinosaur coin bank at Fair Price Finest at Scotts Square when Dania was here earlier last week. Hahahaha! Fun fact: my Mom (and Dad, sometimes) used to call me Amy when I was in primary school (sometimes, not all the time) and whenever she went overseas, she always bought me some souvenirs with “Amy” on them. I guess it was because somehow it wasn’t easy to find souvenirs with “Amelia” on it. Maybe my name is not so popular. Hahaha.


Ergh…I hate iPhone’s front camera đŸ˜¦


Comfort food at its best!! Mac & cheese with dori fish, broccoli, and fish roe!! Purrrfect for a rainy day. Add a bit of chilli sauce (Indonesian brands one! Can’t use neither Singaporean nor Malaysian brand. Too sweet. It’s not chilli sauce. It’s tomato sauce with a hint of chilli! At least it is for me) makes it even better =9


You know how Newton sat under an apple tree when an apple (duh!) fell on his head and he thought of the Universal Law of Gravitation? It happened to me too. I think I’m gonna be a genius now. Beware!

*dry laugh* sorry ar very lame.

2 thoughts on “An apple on my head

  1. I know what you mean! I got RM 1,800++ return (which is slightly over SGD 700).

    However, I used to remember plane tickets being double that (RM 3,000+) when I was in university though (which goes to show how old I am).

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