Halo again, Violin!

For the first time in 3 years, I went back home for a week for CNY (usually it was just 3-4 days)! 😀

But it felt so short though. Oh well, time flies when you are having fun, right?

This year’s CNY was pretty much the same as the previous years. Awesome family gathering (man, how I LOVE my family and relatives!), and aside from that, I had (relatively) cheap beauty treatments! Indo rocks, yo! Can you imagine a manicure costs about $20+ here? And don’t get me started on pedicure. So the day I landed in Jakarta, I spent 3 hours in the afternoon in a salon with mum having a hair cut, hair spa, manicure, and pedicure. I feel like a royalty *smug face*. Eh, once in awhile lar ok?

Oh, and I’ve decided not to take Cantonese class anymore. What happened was I went for a free trial and I felt the teacher was not interactive enough in delivering the materials, and so I decided to self-study by watching videos and listening to podcast (to be downloaded).

The other reason why I decided to cancel it was because I’m taking violin class now!!! 😀 I learned violin for about a year in 2003 – 2004 (10 years ago omg I’m so old) and I haven’t been practicing nor playing ever since though I’ve been wishing to learn it again for the longest time. So I’ve decided that it has to be now! If not when? 😉


I am taking classes at Kawai Music School in Paragon shopping center in the heart of Orchard Road. It was my choice because the location is convenient and pretty near to home, and just because of my overall feeling towards the school in general.

When I was lugging my violin to Singapore from Jakarta last week, I felt like a musician on a tour. Ahahahahaha cos I think I was the only one bringing a musical instrument at the airport (as far as I could see), and I don’t know, it just felt… fun! Hahaha 😀

But not playing it for 10 years has made me lost touch with the violin, so now I’m brushing my skills again and slowly recollecting what I’ve learned before. I’ve only had my second class so far. Can’t wait to learn more!! Gotta build a good foundation of basic techniques first!

Currently I still sound like a shrieking cat (or a moo-ing cow, whichever is cuter). So stay away from me when I’m practicing. When I finally sound like Paganini, that’s when you shall come nearer and listen to my playing. Although I don’t know when will that happen though (or if that will ever happen).

Anyway, at Jakarta’s airport before I entered the immigration to flew back to Singkapoh:

Dad: Ntar pulang jadi kayak Le Feisa yah.

Me: Hah? Sapa pah?

Dad: Ituuu… May Feisa (while doing air violin).

Me: *Thinking for a few seconds* Ohhhhh… Maylaffayza! Hahahahahaha aku kira papah nyebut wong Perancis Le Feisa sopooo.

Dad + Mum: *LOL*

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