Of drama series

My love towards Taiwanese (and Korean) drama started about 3 years ago. A little bit late perhaps.

In 2001, when peers my age were crazy about Meteor Garden (and F4), I was not one of them. I mean, yes I did watch it and all but I was never one who went crazy over the actors and actresses. The only one that I think was cute was 花澤類 (played by Vic Chou), but that’s about it. I was never crazy over the songs as well. I just thought they were quite catchy but that was that.

Then when I moved to Singapore in January 2010 and was staying home most of the time because I was still looking for a job then, I spent my days watching Taiwanese drama 下一站,幸福 (Autumn’s Concerto).

Autumn's Concerto

That was when I saw Vanness Wu (吳建豪) in a clean-cut look, totally different from his appearance at Meteor Garden (I really thought he looked ridiculous in long hair (and I still think so)!) and I became an instant fan! Hahaha! He really looked good there. Charming and so 帥 (handsome)! I really like the pairing of him and Ady An (安以軒) here. Ady’s acting was really good too. She really can provoke your emotion.

And not to forget the super cute and adorable Xiao Xiao Bin (小小彬)!! He is just too adorable and his acting was really good, especially during the heartbreaking scene where he ran after 光晞’s car bawling his eyes out.

I watched it again early this year and it is still my #1 favourite series to date. I love the soundtrack too! 😀

My second favourite would be Ti Amo Chocolate (愛上巧克力) which I have just finished watching today, actually.


The first reason on why I watched it was because of… Vanness! Hahahaha! But it was no regret because this series is so good!! There were 80 episodes in total and this is my first time watching such a long-running series without English subtitle (the videos I found online had none of it). I really enjoyed it though. I learn some new Chinese vocabularies along the way too. So it’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone 😀

Btw, yes there are 80 episodes! Surprisingly long compared to the usual drama which have 20-40ish episodes, but it’s damn worth it!

I was totally crazy over this drama that I slept very late (just last Friday and Saturday night I slept at 4am watching it) and I even downloaded the episodes and put them in my iPhone so I could watch them on the go.

Just like Autumn’s Concerto, I love the soundtrack too! Vanness and Joanne Tseng (曾之喬) also did a good job here. Okay let me revise that. I think all of the main casts did a good job actually. I did cry a few times during sad episodes, especially when 家驊 and 希恩’s relationship was in turmoil. I seriously felt like a teenager all over again. Lol!

My third favourite would be Princess Hours (Goong / 궁 / 宮).

Princess Hours

Yes, It’s not Taiwanese but Korean drama. In fact, it was the first Korean drama I’ve ever fallen in love with (haven’t found others that I really like until now). I’ve watched this twice as well and I’ve known about this series when I was still in uni because Juan was watching it everyday online and I liked the soundtrack. So I actually listened to the songs first before watching the drama. Hahaha.

Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜) was really cute here and Joo Ji Hoon (주지훈) was… quite charming but quite annoying too at times that I felt like slapping him. Hahaha!

If you noticed, all 3 dramas that I like have a storyline that involves rich guys and girls from middle/lower income families, which is one of the standard storylines in Asian dramas (or the other way around).

I always watch the series (much) later than the airing time because I’d prefer to do a marathon of it. I don’t like the feeling of waiting for the next day to watch the next episode!

Anyway, actually I can’t decide which one is my #1 favourite: 下一站,幸福 or 愛上巧克力. I like them both a lot so I guess I will just award the #1 to both of them (but I guess I am still more inclined to 下一站,幸福)  :p

To prove my love towards these drama, I am seriously planning to buy the DVD set of 下一站,幸福 and 愛上巧克力. Feels like I’m going back to my teenage years! Admiring the actors and all. LOL!

Personally, I am more of Taiwanese drama fan than Korean. I know everything Korean-related is the hype recently but I’m not really into it. I guess I like Taiwanese drama more because I still understand the language and I can sing along to the songs too :p

No lar, actually I can’t really pinpoint the reason why. Just that I am more into that than Korean’s, even for music. I am into Mandopop (and some Cantopop too) much more than K-pop (ask me about Korean songs and I can only tell you less than 5 that I really like – actually it’s because I’m not following the trend also wtf).

Speaking of Taiwan, I am planning to go to Taipei again, probably end of this year or early next year. This time round I just wanna explore Taipei only because when I went to Taiwan in Dec 2010, I went around to other cities like Taichung, Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Hualien. So the time I spent in Taipei city itself is only like…. 3 or 4 days in total? So not enough!

I really like Taiwan though (So maybe that’s also one of the reasons why I am more into Taiwanese drama and music :p). You HAVE to go there at least once in your life. It has a lot to offer, from the yummylicious street food to shopping streets to beautiful scenery. 😉

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