Blue sky, crystal clear water, cold sand.

Right now, I just wanna be here:


Poetic bloggers may write something emo/poetic/something about life/something about how great nature is/ something about how beautiful life is/or something like that you get what I mean right?

At first I was thinking of doing the same thing too, but aiya cannot be bothered to do so. I’m not poetic enough in the first place anyway. During my early years in secondary school, I did try to write some poems, but of course they were only comparable to those written by kindergarteners. They were so hilarious (-ly bad) that I can’t remember how they were like anymore.

And I once thought of becoming a writer -_____-

*Dreams shattered* wtf

Anyway, the beach in the photo above (iPhone 4s’ panoramic function is so good!) is Greens Pool in Denmark, Western Australia. When my mum told me that one of the itinerary was to visit Denmark, I was like ‘Huh? Denmark? So when are we going to Paris?’ hahahaha sorry ar, very lame.

It was gorgeous!!!! The weather was still quite cold (but I love it) when we went there so it was quite surreal for me to be stepping on cold sand and in the cold sea water cos usually it was always warm/hot (It was my first time visiting a beach in a 4-season country). Nevertheless, we had fun there. Braving the cold water (sounds dramatic hor?) to went up to the big stones to snap pictures (read: being shameless and posing like nobody’s business).

And the sky is so blue omg! Ok I admit I did enhance the colour a little bit in the above photo but the real colour was not much different! 😀

Oh! and though it was quite cold, we saw a woman in her bikini happily playing in the water o.O

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