Haze haze go away

Since haze is in trend now, I shall write a post to commemorate it as well.


So! The whole haze thingy started last week. I think around Friday or so and it has been getting worse gradually and consistently. The worse was yesterday and today (so far).

This is not the first time I’m experiencing this kinda hazy situation though. The first one was back in 2005 when I was still in Malaysia. I remember looking out of my room window and all I can see is white. Really, like totally white. I couldn’t even see the parking lot, couldn’t even see the lake that’s just across our apartment building.

So this should be my 3rd or 4th experience.

What’s worse is there’s been no rain for the past week. So the weather is so humid, so hot, and the air is so smokey. I think I can actually make smoked salmon easily.

And I hate it coz it makes my hair so smelly like I just went to a BBQ!!! >=(





Yesterday the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) ranged from 70-ish in the morning to 100-ish in the afternoon. Then at about 8pm it became 190. And then at 9pm, it became 290 (100 – 200 is considered unhealthy, 200 – 300 is hazardous)! WTH right?

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.14

But it hadn’t stop yet. At 10pm, it became a hazardous 321!

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.23

So ok lor, went to sleep with a bit of smoke smell, then when I woke up, the first thing I saw was this:


Sorry ar, picture a bit dirty coz it was taken through the window glass. Hahaha.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.42

The official statement from NEA (National Environment Agency) said the PSI was 122 but it didn’t feel like it! I feel it was more than that because the haze was thicker than last night.

Anyway, eventhough it’s hazy but we still have to be stylish *vainpot mode: on*. So my OOTD is “Haze Ninja”.


Aiyerr… why is my hair so messy -_-

This is the area near my office (Tanjong Pagar) at 9:13am:


No filter needed! It looks like it’s been touched up on Instagram. It does look surreal, actually. The sun was covered by the haze and the whole thing just seems like some apocalypse going on.

Then at noon it turned to the worse….

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.53

And at 1 pm… Deng deng denggggg…..Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.53.01

Woooo! All time high! That’s it! We are doomeddddddd *insert dramatic sfx*

And because of all these, surgical masks are out of stock (OOS) in amost every pharmacy/shop. I went to Unity at Fair Price at lunch hour only to found out they are OOS. Then proceed to Medic Drugstore at Tanjong Pagar Plaza and this was what greeted me:


Need to queue -________-

And the queue didn’t stop there…



And they didn’t have the normal surgical mask (like the one I wore on the photo above) on stock! So we had to reserve our orders and we can collect it later on. What they had on stock was the 3M N95 mask. I heard this N95 is better than the normal surgical mask coz it filters 95% of airborne particulates, but nevermind lah. Normal surgical mask will do, too. Aunt Lia doesn’t want the thick one anyway.

1 box of N95 (20 pcs) costs S$75 while a box of the normal surgical mask costs S$13. Ah well, maybe you got money you got quality.

I hope it’s gonna rain soon. Like, really heavy rain to shoo the haze away!


35˚C? Siao ar! And you see how it predicted no rain for the week? 😦

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