I was hiding from the authorities

Super weird dream last night!

So it was year 20xx (dunno la, all I know is it was all so high tech like in The Jetsons). Singapore’s MRT system has been upgraded extensively and they have just opened this new line where the train cabins look so sleek, complete with glass roof! Another thing is that it was still located underground BUT it was now located side by side with normal car lanes AND a part of the ground was taken out so people on the road above could actually tilt their heads down and look at the traffic and trains below! Damn cool. Hahahaha! (But need to be careful la, otherwise they will fall down and get crushed by the trains/vehicles)

It was around 3am in the morning and I was walking around the area (I have no idea why I was so bo liao walking around at 3am all by myself). Then I saw the train was still operating (maybe it operates round the clock!) and the traffic was still pretty busy. So I stopped, took out my iPhone, and prepared the camera app to snapped pic of the busy traffic below (seriously, I take pictures of everything, even in my sleep -_-). And I wanted to use flash coz it was dark.

The moment I pressed the shutter, a couple of cars started banging onto the wall and to other cars -__- Apparently my super bright flash shocked them and made them lose control over their vehicles -___________-

And then I was so panic I was like “Shoot! what have I done?!”. Then I quickly deleted the picture because authorities are able to track who takes picture of what at what time. So I thought if they could track my picture, they would arrest me >.<

Then I quickly went home and spend the next couple of months hiding in fear because I was really afraid they would tracked me down and sue me for distracting drivers with flash and causing multiple accidents. Then I woke up with my heart beating fast and still thought it was real -__-

Then I went back to sleep and my dream continued… still about me living in constant fear and praying every day asking God to protect me and please don’t let the authorities find my deleted picture. -_________________-

And I couldn’t sleep in peace after that. Somehow the thought of being arrested lingers until I truly woke up in the morning -________-

One thought on “I was hiding from the authorities

  1. It’s not a dream. You time traveled to the future when you were sleepwalking. And now I time traveled to current time to arrest you.

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