Don’t know what to do at VivoCity

Edit: Didn’t realize my watermark was so big in these photos -_- Added them using Overgram in my phone and it looks so big here…

Blogging from my iPhone while sitting down at the atrium of VivoCity now because am actually waiting for the PW team to come and watch the Asian Beat final 2013 together later at 6:30. I’ve been here since 3 and kinda dunno what to do. Hahahaha. Feeling hungry but too lazy to walk and find some food. Feeling a bit tired too.

Went out of the house at 10 to helped Donny gor2 with his house moving, but in the end decided to just meet up with the cousinz for lunch at Nex because he says everything has been put in his new room. So ok lor, lunch and accompanied him to buy some stuff for his new room. Went to his place afterwards and helped to arrange the furnitures a bit then left for VivoCity.

Saw this in the train a few days ago:


Hahahahaha!! ‘Home run’ becomes 紅不讓.

I blogged about the Elephant Parade almost 2 years ago. Apparently TANGS are still selling the cute statues til today. Saw this one earlier on today:


Immediately thought of Mother Monster a.k.a Lady Gaga when I first saw it hahahaha! And it’s called ‘Born to Rock’ or something like that. Can’t recall.

Okay, dunno what else to blog about. I shall continue to sit in sleepiness and hunger til someone comes. Lol sounds so desperate.

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