Another weekend that went by too fast!

Went to Timbre @ The Arts House on Friday with a bunch of PW team members and Central cell group. Was there to enjoy goodfella’s performance. Anyway, it has been raining a lot (and I mean a LOT) lately to the point that flash floods happened on Thursday (it was raining almost the whole day). So the weather was perfect in the beginning when we first arrived. However, halfway into their first session, it started drizzling, and slowly but surely it escalated into a pretty heavy drizzle.

So no choice lor, had to take out our brollies (we were sitting at the non-sheltered area). It was pretty funny because only a few of us had brollies and the wind was kinda strong at one point of time. So you could imagine: a bunch of people sitting on high chairs, singing along to the band, holding colourful brollies (and spinning and waving them along to the music), laughing and making loud noises. I think we were possibly the noisiest table that night. Thankfully they hadn’t thrown us into Singapore River yet.


Photo courtesy of Andy

Saturday and Sunday were packed from morning to evening with jamming session, paired cell group, mass, etc., and this morning I didn’t feel like waking up. My eyes were soooo heavy so I kept on snoozing my alarm til I finally managed to get my arse up at 8. Hahahaha! It didn’t help that the weather was so good!! *hugs bolster tightly*

Rant starts.

Today was not started off well. Someone was testing my patience early in the morning with some stupid request and how he thinks legal issue is something easy that you can solve just by flipping your hand, and how he threatens to think of this issue as some racial discrimination. Hello? There are other things you can join in that has no limitation. Do you think we haven’t done our legal audit yet? Pfft!! Breathe in, breathe out.. Ohmmmmmmmmm~

And now there’s something wrong with the system. I can’t do my work and I have a lot on my plate today. And tomorrow. And the day after. And possibly the day after that too T________T

Ok, rant ends.

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