At the boarding gate

Blogging from gate E 24 Terminal 2 of Changi Airport. Hahahaha i sound so suaku.

This is gonna be a pointless entry as I am doing this just for the sake of blogging from Changi… And while waiting for my delayed flight as well (it’s just been announced a few seconds ago -_-).

Anyway, my pre-departure meal:


My favourite lu rou fan (鹵肉飯) from Ruyi at Terminal 1. You know you love a dish so much when you are willing to walk from one terminal to the other (ok lar, to be fair I took the sky train) just to have it 75 mins before your flight takes off. Hahaha! So far this is one of the best lu rou fan I’ve ever tasted in Singapore. Would love to find makan places that serve nice ones!

Then it’s Burger King’s vanilla cone for dessert as I was craving for something sweet:


For some reason, the amount of ice cream was a lot more than usual o.O

Huffff dunno how long will this delay be for. I hope we could take off soon. Feeling kinda sleepy…


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