Of being grateful.

I have been feeling ecstatic lately! I think it’s because so many good things are happening to me in the past couple of weeks, both big and small. πŸ™‚

And I also think attitude plays a part in this. Not meaning to boast or anything, but I have been trying to always feel positive lately and I think the law of attraction really works here. You know, positive thoughts bring about positive results. I couldn’t agree more! I feel that when you are being grateful and thankful of what you have, it could actually makes your day better. Tested and proven by yours truly! Heehee…

One of the things that make me happy this week (Even though it’s only Thursday – aside from yummy Vietnamese dinner and a new phone case. See, simple things make me happy. Eh, it’s not always material things, ok? Even small non-material things make me happy too ^^):

Milky Way Berries and Cream_1

Milky Way Berries and Cream_2

Milky Way Berries and Cream!!! First time seeing this flavour and it was sold for only $1 at Guardian so I had to grab one. Hehe.. YUM! πŸ˜€

On another note, flying off to Jakarta in 5.5 hours (just to sleep – literally, as I’ll be staying overnight at Amaris hotel at the airport) before jetting off to Chengdu tomorrow morning. I know right, sounds so troublesome. But gotta do it coz we got the promo SQ flight tickets that require me to fly from Jakarta. Parents are not picking me up from the airport because it’s gonna be so mafan as I’ll be reaching Jakarta in the evening and my house is quite far from the airport. Oh well, not a big deal. I CAN SMELL HOLIDAY!!! So excited to see panda πŸ˜€

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