Saying goodbye to 3 years.

Starting a new job tomorrow! I’m excited yet a little worried at the same time, simply because it’s been awhile (3 years, to be exact) since I last dealt with clients directly. So back to the battlefield it is! Gotta toughen up myself again! *ahem*


My workstation for the past 3 years (ok, not really. I moved my location 4 times in 3 years and this was the last one). It was taken a year ago (I just realised it too!! Look at the calendar – October 2012). Of course some things have changed since then, like for example my iMac wallpaper. Hahahaha! The latest one was The Simpson’s family in bright yellow background and of course the desktop has since been much less cluttered (I once had my desktop fully filled with icons from top to bottom, left to right -________-). The diary has changed too.


Last lunch with some of the team on Friday! At Diandin Leluk at Golden Mile Complex. The food was good!! And the star of the day was the Mango Sticky Rice:


Peiling claimed it as the best Mango Sticky Rice. Hahaha! She was not wrong though. It tasted goooood. =9


Last photo with some of the Singapore team 😦 A few others were traveling so I couldn’t say goodbye to them personally. My god my face looks so round here. O.O

Joel (after seeing the above photo on my camera): Ohh it looks like they were real bamboo trees. It’s like we’re at the Botanic Garden.

Hahahaha! Chao dar bamboo trees ar?



Farewell gift! They know me so well T__________T

Thank you, guys!! It’s really been a pleasure working with you all for the past 3 years. Now it’s time for me to move on to my next adventure. Will be dropping by once in awhile since the new office is pretty nearby too 😀

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