Singing my heart out

Finally went for KTV after so long! Visited Cash Studio at Ming Arcade with Topabis fellas last Saturday night and it was SO FUN!!

Thank goodness for shameless and crazy friends, we sang our hearts out for 3 hours (definitely not enough!) which resulted in sexy voices that night/the next morning (as what always happens whenever I go for KTV)!I think I sang along to about 80% of the songs we’ve selected so I guess it contributes as well…..

(off topic: I miss KTV sessions in Beijing so much! We always went at midnight all the way to 6am!! That was truly an epic one as we couldn’t stop singing and dancing around during the 6-hour session)

Prior to that, we fueled up our engines at Bakmie Jakarta for some Indonesian goodness. Oh, and this outing was meant to be a celebration for the October babies at Topabis, so there was a birthday cake too!


The October babies of Topabis! Have an even more fruitful year ahead, you guys! :))


Topabis! Too bad some couldn’t make it, but even with just 18 people we kinda shook the place with our loudness -___- it’s not Topabis when it’s not loud! LOL!

I couldn’t be thankful enough for knowing these awesome people. Through them, I’ve started to attend mass regularly again. Through them, my faith grows. Through them, I truly feel how it is like to be a Catholic (I admit I’m not the most religious person around) and being active in church. Through them, I learned about humility, about being humble, about realising that there’s always a sky above the sky, and it is through this community that I met him 🙂

I have only been in AmoreDio for less than a year as of now (I joined in Dec 2012), but it feels as if I’ve known them for way longer! The friendship and fellowship are way more than how I expected it to be. Honestly I did not expect much when I first stepped my foot in, but it all changed once I started to get more involved. It helps that the Bishan fellas are more on the crazy side and so it suits me. Hahahaha!

All my life, I’ve never been involved in any church activity, not even a cell group or any youth community. You could say I was one of those lazy ones who didn’t want to be involve in this kind of thing. Who would have thought I was gonna be active in a cell group now? Not in my wildest dream, to be honest. However, I believe it has all been set up by the One above. And now that I think of it, I feel that everything was planned right to the tiniest details!

A little history: I’ve known about AmoreDio 3 years ago through a friend but didn’t actually have time to go for the weekly cell on Thursdays due to work. When I finally had the time to, I kinda forgot about it and one reason and another prevented me from doing so. So when I knew that Cynthia has been attending a cell group last year, I asked her about it and decided to give it a try. I didn’t look back since then!

I consider myself as the least knowledgeable in terms of Bible study and Catholic-related stuff. I gotta say I’m quite ashamed of myself! Most of my cell group mates are so knowledgeable that I could only keep quite and listen whenever they started talking about certain topics in depth. It’s good though because then I’ll be able to learn more! 😀

So in short, joining AmoreDio has bring nothing but positive impact on myself, which is great! It could be draining on some days, I gotta admit, but at the end of the day, I am thankful to be given this opportunity to serve Him and the community, to improve myself, and am thankful for the great friends I’ve made along the way. 🙂

Like what MasterCard says, the experience is priceless.

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