Go away, flu!

Things have been moving at a fast pace for me lately with everything that’s been going on at both work and life. A 7-day week moves pretty fast and weekends feel like they just dropped by to say Hi and Goodbye right away. Starting to feel the lack of sleep at times and flu bugs are starting to attack me now. Arfff! Get away from me!!

But, again, I’m not complaining! At least it means I have a job and things to do and look forward to in life ^^

Anyway! Christmas is coming soon!!!! It’s my most favourite time of the year and I love love LOVE the jolly and happy vibes emerging from this festive season! It’s like people are kinder, nicer, happier, and the whole atmosphere is just about joy and happiness! 😀

So I’m excited for Christmas this year (not that I’ve never been) because it will be my first time spending this festive event with someone special! ^^

Hahaha yes, previously I was always away during Christmas and thus have never gotten a chance to do so.

Even though I’ll be going back home a day after Christmas, but we’ll still get to celebrate it on the D day! And it’s even more exciting because we’re in the same committee for Christmas celebration at AmoreDio (he takes the lead and I’m one of the elves). Planning things and events for Christmas is always exciting for me. 😀

On another note (man, I’m so random today), I need to exercise again! Goodness knows how out of shape I am right now! Gotta start jogging and swimming again. AND I shall drag Mr. Phlegmatic to do it too! He badly needs exercise as well! (I know you’re reading this, so gear up, darling!! Let’s go for a walk or jog! Hehehe)

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