Mr. Phlegmatic made this carving of a cute whale before we got together (but he never gave it to me though). I only found out about it a few weeks ago when he told me about it (we were talking on WhatsApp using some animal emoji and one of them was the cute blue whale).

So it’s in my possession now! Hehehehehehe 😀

I think it’s so cute! I literally squeal when he placed it in front of my face! And he actually modeled it after my WhatsApp profile image:


No, it’s not my drawing. I would be very happy if my drawing is as nice. It’s actually a picture of a newborn congratulation card the eYeka fellas got for Wilson last time.

Really, really appreciate his effort in making this. It ain’t easy yo! Especially the tail part!

Small things like this makes me feel happy! It’s the effort and the thought that count. He once said, “From my perspective as a designer, handmade gifts are something that can’t be bought and they are priceless.”

I couldn’t agree more. Thank you, love! 🙂

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