Twenty Seven

I actually wrote this post on the night of my birthday, but I got caught up with things and keep on forgetting to put up the photos. >.<


Really? I’m 27 now? O.O

My first birthday wish came from mom and dad via phone. I was already knocked out by 11pm the night before coz I was really tired and it was quite awhile before I was finally awoken up by the call! Naturally my parents were kinda confuse as why have I gone to sleep before 12! Hahaha! 😀

Actually wait, my first birthday wish was from Mr. Phlegmatic. He sent me a really nice parallax e-card he made himself yesterday! (And today I found out he spent about half a day making it! so touched at the effort leh! T___T). And no, not gonna share how it looks like here #kiamsiap. Hehehe :p

In the morning when Jun arrived at work (I was already there before her), as usual, she asked me ,”How are you?” so I answered her with “I’m good!”. A few seconds later, she shouted, “OMG It’s your birthday today??”

“Uhmm, yes”, I replied.

“Why did you not say anything?!!”

“Hahahahaha! What do you expect me to do? Shouting out loud, “Hey! Today is my birthday!”?”

“Ya! How can you keep quite about this kind of thing?!!”

HAHAHAHA! Damn cute la she! Then she gave me a tight hug and wish me 😀

In the afternoon, Jacob suddenly called me to go for a short meeting with him and ‘the head of S@O’. As we reached the place, he said she is still on a call, so we walked back. Then he told me to come into a closed area behind my workstation for a ‘discussion’.

Took off my shoes, walked in, and… SURPRISE! My boss and colleagues were there with a cake and wine! 😀

Photo 11 copy

When else can you get a log cake for birthday? 😀

I was actually very occupied at work today that I actually missed lunch (but didn’t feel hungry at all) and did not eat anything except the birthday cake and wine. Hahaha!

So not long before I was done with work, Mr. Phlegmatic told me he was already at the lobby downstairs. Once I am done, I went down and tadaaaaa! He got a pretty bouquet of flower for me! 😀 😀


Pretty flowers in different shades of pink (and purple)! 😀

Totally didn’t expect him to get me flowers! Thank you, dearest! And he dressed up nicely because it was my day. Hehehehehehehe. See, you look great in shirt!

So anyway, off we went for dinner, but before that, we stopped by at The Central to meet Juju because she wanted to hand me a gift:


Such a pretty teapot + cup!! And she made the cute yellow star herself (with love, she said)! My tuwins is awesome 😀

(A lil background story: Apparently she bought this for my birthday gift last year but didn’t get to give it to me. So she kept it for 1 whole year! Hahaha)

We went for dinner at Sugisawa! I went there for my birthday last year as well! Hahahahaha! Decided to go back because I was craving for some good Japanese food and Mr. Phlegmatic has never been there too!


After the satisfying dinner, we went for a walk along Robertson Quay coz we were too full! And then went to Laurent Bernard Chocolatier afterwards for their Melting Chocolate Cake! =9


How to lose weight, you tell me?

We had to call it an early night because I had to catch up with some work (and I actually stayed up til 2:30am), but it was a happy day (of course! every birthday is a happy day for me!) and now I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad that I’m one step closer to the big 3.


It was such an awesome day! ❤

(Just realised I grinned so widely in the above photo. Hahaha)

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