My 2013 in a nutshell

I know it’s very late for me to be posting this now, but nevermind! 😀

2013 was a year filled with lots of emotions and new experiences for me. I feel that I’ve grown significantly as a person, be it in terms of work or spiritually.

I was in Shanghai when the clock struck twelve on January 1, 2013. Didn’t go to any party or celebration whatsoever, but was chilling in the hotel room with heater on and lotsa snacks with my parents. Entertained by Chinese TV shows.

February was when I decided to attend cell group (AmoreDio) more regularly. It was when I realised the awesome people in the group who are now a big part of my life. Joining AmoreDio is also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made so far. My parents are glad now that I am being active in a religious/church community and I truly feels it helps my spirituality grows. A lot.

Nothing much happened in March, which may be the reason why I couldn’t remember much of this month.

Attending a close friend’s wedding is always fun, and that was the highlight of my April. I went to Perth to attend Cimir’s wedding. It was a very fun trip filled with so much laughter and yummy nomnoms!

May was the starting of my involvement in AmoreDio. It was my first church organisation and it changes my life. For the better, of course. Didn’t regret being involved in this organisation as it introduced me to lots of awesome people!

Can’t remember what happened in June. I guess there was nothing significant this month as well. Oh wait, I joined the Praise & Worship team this month. Yea, I think it was this month.

I think.

In July, I gathered my courage and did something I should have done long ago. It was not easy (at least for me) and I was filled up with stress and anxiety for a good week. But I felt relieved in the end.

August saw me being busy preparing for Indonesian Independence Day celebration at my church. The PW team sang a few Indonesian songs and the preparation was quite intense. The result was pretty good, if I could say so myself! 😀 Also went to see Asian Beat’s final with the team members.

My friends asked why am I always going to China for vacation and that question came up again in September as I went to Jiuzhaigou with my parents, a few relatives, and a bunch of mum’s secondary schoolmates. It was so much fun! The scenery was breathtakingly pretty! It was also the month when I scored a new job and tendered my resignation at the big Y.

I have left school long ago but October feels as if I’m coming back to one. The Bible Quiz at the beginning of the month found me reading pages after pages of Cathecism and Bible verses (which I don’t remember anymore now). The first week of October was also my last week of work at the big Y and I started my new role as a Circus penguin the following week. It was also the month when I went on an ‘official first date’ with Mr. Phlegmatic and we started a relationship 4 days after, which would be my biggest highlight of the year.

November is always a happy month as long as I can recall, as it’s the month of my birthday! HEHEHE… It was my first birthday where I had to head home early and being on standby for work until 2:30am the next day. This month was a pretty busy one as we were preparing for a seminar organised by Bishan and Toa Payoh’s cell groups. Was very, very thankful and happy with the successful end result! 😀

And we come to my favourite month of the year, December!!! I love, love this month! 😀 I had a fun Christmas Eve with Mr. Phlegmatic. Home-made dishes, 3D puzzle, movies, and lots of laughter. The next day was the KKIS Christmas Carnival and we found ourselves singing Christmas carols and there were fun games for our retreat fund raising as well. A day after Christmas, I flew back to Jakarta and visited Magelang and Solo during the 1 week I was there.

And that was my 2013 in a nutshell. Overall, it was a very good year and I’m sure 2014 will be even more awesome! 😀

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