I’m turning into a whaley.


Life has been so, so good to me lately! πŸ˜€

Although, it has been quite devastating to know about the missing MH370! 😦 I have no relation whatsoever to anyone on board, but it’s heartbreaking to read the news updates about this everyday and find out more theories on the missing jet, more analysis which leads to nothing so far.

On a happier note, IT FINALLY RAIN IN SINGAPORE!!!!! *dance* Like seriously, the past 2 months have been SO dry, SO hot, and SO humid. The kind of weather that makes me angry (this is why I prefer to travel in autumn or winter)! But it has been raining very often the past few days, which is awesome lar!! πŸ˜€

I have some random thoughts in mind, so the paragraphs may be irrelevant to each other. Let me be a jumping jack today yea!

It’s been eons since I last went for a retreat/recollection, so I was quite excited when we went for recollection 2 weeks ago in Batam! It was only for a night, but it was pretty fun. Was in the PW team and the practice sessions beforehand were almost always very fun and full of laughter! Was quite tiring but we had fun nevertheless. Some of us took leave the next day (Monday) so it was fine. Hehehehehe


Sunset at Nongsa Point Resort, Batam! I’ve always loved sunset and sunrise. Ok, more like I enjoy the golden hours because photos taken at these specific time will always look nicer with a golden glow. Hehehehe

Last Saturday, I went for dinner with Mr. Phlegmatic and 3 other friends. An innocent dinner plan at Upper Thomson Rd. turned monstrous when we decided to had dimsum + roasted pork, then off to Salted Caramel to had waffle + ice cream (I was badly craving for waffle!), AND THEN off to The Prata House to gobbled down Chicken Masala Fried Rice, Cheese Egg Prata, and Plain Paper Prata. All within the span of 2 hours! And the 3 restaurants are located just a few steps next to each other! Hahahahaha feeling guilty but happy afterwards. Nevermind, we don’t indulge ourselves like this on a weekly basis, so that’s acceptable right?


Pistachio, Matcha, and Nutella ice cream on top of a warm and crunchy yet fluffy waffle ❀

Not enough with pigging out on Saturday night, Mr. Phlegmatic, Andy, and I turned into 3 little fat pigs on Sunday night. We cooked something… nice.


Eh don’t judge a food by its appearance, kay? It tastes good actually!

What’s inside:

Noodle, 2 cans of pork belly, cheese pork balls (this Andy threw in half the packet then said, “Hmm.. but 1 person will only get 3 balls.”, then proceed to threw in the whole packet into the pan -____-), capsicum, tomatoes, garlic, and topped with spicy crispy seaweed (again, Andy opened the packet of Tao Kae Noi, unaware that the seaweed came in strip form. So the photo looked totally not appetizing initially cos it looked all black from the seaweed. HAHAHA! We had to tear the seaweed strips to make it look more presentable).

Ok lar, to be fair, we used Korean ramen and the powder seasoning that came with it, but still! πŸ˜€

Then each of us had a can of cold Heineken to wash it all down. Goodness, there goes my diet!

Did we feel guilty? YES.

Will we do it again? ABSOLUTELY.


And I have already planned to go on a diet the following Monday. However, I totally forgot that our new colleague was starting her job on Monday!

My company usually go for a nice lunch when a new penguin comes on-board. This time, we had…


… Butter. Chicken. Pasta.

(from Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar, by the way)

The epitome of lunch coma on a Monday.

I’m turning into a real whaley soon enough.

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