Peanut of Siam

So our new colleague (ok, not so new. She’s been with us for 2 weeks as of now) has a beautiful name, Maneesiam, which means Jewel of Siam (yes, she’s a Thai). Nice right?

On our usual Monday meeting, which happened to be her first day of work as well, boss asked her, “So what’s the meaning of your name?”

She: “Manee” means jewel in Thai. So it means jewel of Siam

All of us: Ahhh… such a nice name! 

Then all of a sudden, Toshi (our Filipino colleague) jumped in, with her straight face and all…

Toshi: “Mani” in Tagalog means “peanuts”

And with that, all of us burst into laughter. Boss laughed until he tear up, Avtar laughed and couldn’t get his head up from the desk, and I just couldn’t stop laughing! Hahahahahahahahaha

Toshi: I didn’t expect you guys to laugh…

LOL Toaster, Y U so cute?!

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