You’ve got fooled!

Walking back to the office after buying sundae and fries from McDonald’s and was waiting for the traffic light to turn green…

Me: Oh yea, I’m getting married next year!

Toaster: Really? *Eyes widened up in excitement* Yay! *was about to high 5 me*


Toaster: f*****!


*Toaster aimed to hit me but I ran as the traffic light turned green*



Screen shot 2014-04-01 at PM 10.55.28_

Wrote this to Mr. Phlegmatic and I didn’t see his reply until quite sometime because I was in a discussion and call with a client (pardon the grammatical error  -____-).

Then my phone beeps with a LINE message notification…





HAHAHA! Wanted to ignore the messages for a lil bit longer so he would be more anxious, but I couldn’t help it. Hahahaha

If only he didn’t smell the fishiness…

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at PM 10.55.41

Continued on Gchat. Hehehehehehe

It was fun pranking him a lil bit. Was a last minute plan and his reaction is priceless. 😀



On a side note, met up with Farani for dinner!!!! She is on a holiday to Indonesia and Singapore with her hubby and we had such a good time having a very yummy and filling dinner, followed by dessert (we had 3 desserts to share!!) at Max Brenner.


Yep, most of them are Amore Dio’s peeps, so it kinda feels like an Amore Dio dinner instead. Hahahaha

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