Renewing passport at the Indonesian Embassy of Singapore

Went to renew my passport at the Indonesian Embassy this morning and boy, the experience was pleasantly good! Totally unexpected (in a good way)! So here’s what happened:

1) 8:10 – Arrived at the embassy (The counter opens at 9 so we had to wait outside the security guardhouse). There were already 5 people waiting by then!

2) 8:50 – More people have arrived by this time and a staff was explaining about some house rules. One of the things he said was “you can’t stay longer than 30 minutes. We will ask you to leave, unless you have a business inside.”. I was wondering to myself, “Not longer than 30 mins? Means… the application process is fast??” #skeptical.

3) 9:00 – They finally let us in. Exchanged an ID with a pass, walked into the main building and took a queue number.


4) 09:07 – For some reason, queue number 2, 3, and 4 did not come forward to the counter, so yay! My turn!

5) 09:12 – Handed my documents over and made payment at the cashier (S$35 for normal 48-pages passport), then sat down and waited to be called for photo and fingerprints taking.

6) 09:15 – Went into the “Biometric and Interview” room for photo and fingerprints taking. There was no interview involved, so I don’t know why they even bother to state that. The whole thing was very fast. Chop chop done! (Oh yea, Indonesian passport is now biometric!)

7) 09:20 – Done! Got my receipt stamped with the date of collection (this Tuesday). Application process only takes 3 working days!

Honestly, I’m impressed! If only everything in Indonesia was done this way! So efficient and it does not waste people’s time! I was prepared to spend at least 1-1.5 hours there (Mr. Phlegmatic told me it took him quite a long time when he was renewing his passport at the embassy last time). So I guess there has been a lot of improvement! 😀

Just for the record, here are the documents needed for passport application (new or renewal):

1) Application form (filled in with black ink ONLY)

2) A copy of your Singapore identity card (NRIC / Employment Pass / S Pass / Dependant Pass / etc.)

3) A copy of your old passport (first and last pages)

4) A copy of your birth certificate (in Bahasa Indonesia)

5) A copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable – in either Bahasa Indonesia or English)

4 thoughts on “Renewing passport at the Indonesian Embassy of Singapore

  1. Hi Amelia, would you know if it is possible to change to Epassport 1 year before the date of expiration? or do I have to wait until 6 months before it?

  2. Hi Amelia, just wondering. What is the date of issuance of your passport (4th or 5th April 2014) upon your application on 4th April 2014? Thanks.

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