I feel that my level of patience gets thinner as I grow older. I used to be very patient up to just a few years ago. Nowadays, I get grouchy or angry at things quite easily. Dunno why!! I don’t like it though 😦

Maybe the world is testing my patience. Or maybe it’s the stupid hormones. Or maybe it’s just me getting less patient altogether.

Or maybe because lately I’ve been experiencing and hearing more and more stories that almost tipped my boiling point.

Or maybe because I’ve learned to not taking in shit that comes my way. A few years ago, some said that I was being too nice and therefore some people tried to step on my head. Maybe I’ve just learned a lot in the past couple of years that I gotta stand up for myself and if someone throws shit at me, I’m gonna try to throw it back at their faces instead.

Gotta start building up my patience again! Haven’t been feeling as cheerful as I used to lately haiz… Thankfully Mr. Phlegmatic is more patient than I do and he calms me down whenever I’m feeling grouchy and cheer me up when I’m feeling blue. 😀

(Or maybe this is just growing old)



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