Point point rice

Me: Boss, we are going to dabao food for lunch. Do you want anything?

Boss: Where are you guys going?

Me: Amoy street

Boss: Ok!

Me: What do you want?

Boss: Anything you guys wanna buy for me!

Me: … Then I’ll buy you a bao and a drink

Boss: Hahaha! Really, anything. Rice with some spicy chicken…

Me: Okay, guess we can get you Thai food.

Boss: Yeah, sure! Or that point point rice… (making pointing gesture)


(He was actually referring to mixed rice – where customers point at the dishes behind a glass cabinet to let the seller know which ones they want to have)


Edit: Eh OMG the term ‘Point Point Rice’ is actually valid!! Open the link above and scroll down to the last paragraph:

Other names for economy rice include “Chap Chye Png” (杂菜饭, “mixed vegetable rice” in the local Hokkien dialect) and colloquially, “Point Point Rice”, named for the method of ordering one’s meal which involves simply asking for a plate of rice and then pointing at the various dishes desired. It is unclear how the latter term originated.



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