Stripes Wednesday!

Toaster and I accidentally wore stripes to work today. What’s funnier is that our shirts have similar brand logos. Hahahaha

Like this:


LOLOL this Toaster ar… the Photo Booth’s timer was counting down like 3… 2… 1… Then when the shutter went off, she was like “HEY! Why it took 3 seconds?!”

When obviously she has known better. Hahahahahahahaha aiyo Toaster! But her expression is so funny here! Like half smiling half constipated. I didn’t know constipation is a wonderful feeling.


Yay proper picture! Too bad she didn’t wear black pants. Otherwise we’ll look even more similar.

And turns out Shairah was wearing stripes as well!




AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA couldn’t stop laughing at this picture!! We all look damn stupid! Some idiot chipmunks hahahahahahahaha

Btw, I’ve just put in 2 oreo cookies into Toaster’s mug of coffee. Now I think she’s plotting some plan to kill me… If I don’t update my blog in 3 days time, you know who to find…

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