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So Toaster (who has got a new nickname: Toasted Hammie. SO CUTE RIGHT?!), Shairah (or whom Toaster affectionately call Shainah) and I went to a Korean restaurant nearby for lunch, continued by desserts at Sophie Bakery afterwards. Ms. Peanut couldn’t join us because she had a lunch meeting, so Toaster said to send her a picture of us enjoying the cake.

HEHEHEHEHE Which of course we did. Teasing people is what we do best.



By the way, these are the cakes. Cheesecake and chocolate cake. Fatdom here we come!


Eh the tiles look nice hor?





When we went back to the office, each one of us found this on our desks…


HAHAHAHAHA like so desperately wanted to be in the picture! 😀 Sorry Ms. Peanut, no cakes for you!   So… since she desperately wanted to have cakes with us, we fulfilled her wish…



What a bunch of awesome colleagues you have there, Ms. Peanut. See, we wished you were there with us!

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