I’ve been Caged

When I came to the office yesterday after an Easter long weekend, I expected nothing but my usual routine of unlocking my drawer, taking out my laptop, turning it on, and start running for the day.

However, I got a surprise when I saw THESE on my wall, in my drawers, and in my notebook:



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was laughing like crazy when I saw this! Luckily only a handful of people were around at that time.

I immediately knew it was Avtar’s doing! Who else would have this kind of idea but him? Hahaha! So when he walked into the office, he walked past my desk and giggled.

Me: Thanks for the surprise, ah!

Avtar: How many have you found so far?

Me: Four

Avtar: Where were they at?

Me: Nahh.. on the wall, 2 in the drawers, and 1 in my notebook

Avtar: That’s not all. You’ll see the biggest one soon

Me: What?! Where’s the other one??

Avtar: Just wait. It’s coming soon.


So okay, I went on with my day as usual. Then about 2-3 hours later, I received a phone call from a client. I was wondering why his voice sounded so distant and I kept on hearing some scratching sound in my ear. I thought it was my hair covering the receiver, so I swept it off, but no! That scratchy sound was still there! I’ve also increased the volume to the max but his voice still sounded rather distant.

Confused, I put the receiver away and that was when I saw it…



I pointed it out to Mag and she laughed so hard quietly (if that even makes sense). I had to resist from laughing like a siao char bor throughout the call! Once the call has ended, I could finally laugh in peace. LOL this is damn epic!

So yeah, I’ve been Caged on a Monday!

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