Went for a Saturdate with the mister today. It’s been awhile since we actually go out on a date. Hahahaha lately we prefer to stay at home and watch movies or just lazing around basically. You know, age factor.

Actually the first reason why we went out was to buy some sunflower seed for my dad. After which, we went to one of our favourite stores, Swee Lee! Hahaha never get bored of going to music stores. He wanted to get an amplifier for his bass but unfortunately the one he’s been eyeing on is out of stock. So we killed time by browsing for books at Basheer, then we went for sunset mass since we had time anyway.

Initial dinner plan was at Crossings cafe, however, it was closed for a private event 😦 So we were thinking of where to go til the mister decided on Baja Fresh Mexican Grill.

20140426_134910 copy

Bowl-faced boy HEHEHEHE. This was during lunch at Wong Kok. He loves gulping down the entire bowl of soup whenever he had one. Face also looks like a bowl already.


20140426_165446 copy

20140426_165500 copy

Sunset mass at St. Joseph’s church! No aircon and they were using fans. Both of us fell asleep during homily cos the wind was so nice it made us sleepy wtf.



IMG_20140426_184751 copy

Dinner! Quesadillas and Taco =9


20140426_205249_Richtone(HDR) copy

Desserts at Nana’s Green Tea! Love it cos they are not too sweet 😀


Then this boy suddenly got some clever idea and mixed both desserts into one -______________-

Him: It’s for both of us to share, right? Then just mix lah!

Me: -__________- O… kay…. 

20140426_205901 copy


And it became like this… Like some green tea soup. Hahahaha

20140426_205926_Richtone(HDR) copy

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