Overly Attached Boyfriend

You know the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme?

Overly Attached Girlfriend

It’s of this girl whose eyes are so huge when she opens them up to a maximum proportion and it just went viral. Hahaha! She actually looks quite pretty in her normal photos though!

Anyway, the mister asked me to try imitating her, which of course, I failed miserably, seeing how my eyes are of a smaller size than an almond. So I asked him to do it instead…


Presenting the Overly Attached Boyfriend! He looked so scary my phone didn’t even dare to snap his picture properly wtf.

Really! I kept on trying to focus on his face but I couldn’t! My phone just refused to do so! It knew the object was too scary. Hahahahahaha!!

The sky was crying hard for almost the whole day yesterday. Which is good cos it made the weather soooo cool and nice! Spent the Sunday at the mister’s place having a meeting and playing a board game (DiXit) which was so fun! Any game that allows you to team up and sabotage one of the players is cool. Hahahaha!


Look at those bunnies! Aren’t they cute? 😀





At this point of time, the mister was the one with the lowest point (yep, that’s him in yellow. Hehehehe), but he won the 2nd round!

Then we realised that all 6 of us were couples while 1 is not. So we decided to take a photo and graced it with a meme…

PSX_20140518_171226 copy

HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is epic lor! Andy’s expression is just so apt with the whole picture. “Aku rapopo” means “I’m okay” in Javanese. I guess only Indonesians will get this meme. Hehehehe

It’s okay, dude. You’ll find someone soon!

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