So I was talking to the mister on LINE about registering for the upcoming presidential election next month…

Him: My name is registered. What’s your passport number?

Me: Axxxxxxxxx

Him: Your name is not in!

Me: Oh, I had just registered a couple of minutes ago actually. I think my name was not in the list cos I’ve just renewed my passport

Him: Oo.. haha I see. The list is a PDF so it’s offline

Me: Yea, I saw it too just now. How many Pelix Susanto are there?

(I, and some of our friends, like to call him Pelix instead of Felix)

Him: Pelix? Felix you mean?

Me: I call you Pelix ma. Hahahahaha

Him: Cos my name in my NPWP card (Nomor Penduduk Wajib Pajak – Taxation Identification Number for Indonesians) was written as “Pelix” last time

Me: Really???

Him: Yup


How come??

Him: Then they asked me to change it

Me: Wahahahahahahahahahahaha

Him: The worst one was when I went to a salon last time. The staff was asking for my name… Then I replied. She didn’t seem to get it, then I repeated for another 3 times and she finally wrote it on the paper. Then I glanced at it…

She wrote my name as “Polip” (“Polyp” in Indonesian)

(I replied him 3 minutes later…)



Couldn’t reply you right away just now cos I was laughing!!

Him: Hahahahahahaha

Me: Polip Susanto!

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