Mini Udong!

My close friends and family would know that I have this giraffe stuffed toy that I love called Udong which I’ve had since my uni days back in 2005. So back then, I managed to found baby Udong.

Last Friday, the mister and I were just walking aimlessly at Raffles City after dinner and we ended up at Cards ‘n Such (a gift shop). I wanted to look for Udong there just for the fun of it. Didn’t expect anything cos I know her species has been discontinued awhile ago, but as we were screening through a rack of small Nici plushies…

The mister spotted her!! 😀


I went into an ear-to-ear grin right away! There were only 2 of them left, and the other one had a bigger snout but it did not look as cute.

He immediately offered to buy it for me. Hehehehe thanks darling!



He likes it too cos it’s just so cute! Look at those innocent eyes staring at you!

Ok I know I’m talking as if she’s my real baby. Hahahaha sorry ah, can’t help it.



So now Udong has got a little sister!

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