First Date, Second Date

Lunch time conversation with the colleagues earlier while gobbling down some Thai dishes:

Toaster: Hey, do you guys know about this Thai restaurant in Dhoby Ghaut? It’s beside a school and they have really nice dishes and Thai milk tea!

Me: Ohh.. I know! The one at Sunshine Plaza, right?

Toaster: Ya ya, that one.

Ms. Peanut: Sunshine Plaza… (mind wandering off)

Me: Yea, it’s at the ground floor, besides a provision shop.

Ms. Peanut: Ahh… I know where it is. Because it was the place for my second date with Eugene! It’s a very small restaurant, right?

Me: Ya, very small and dimly lit.

Ms. Peanut: Can you imagine our second date in such a dodgy-looking place? Hahahahaha!

Me: Eh, my first lunch with Felix was at Amoy (a hawker centre) lor!


Ms. Peanut: You win liao!

Toaster: Are you going to have your wedding reception at Amoy too?

Me: Yea, with all the hawker foods!

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