Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of the year again! Jack O’Lantern, trick or treats, and costumes. Not that I participate in any of that, but just thought Halloween can actually be fun with lots of different activities (personally I would love to try making this melted crayon pumpkin! Isn’t it just cool or what?!)

Since we are entering November, I thought I might as well do some reflection of what has happened over the past 10 months. 2014 is indeed flying by like nobody’s business!

So let’s see… what have we got…

Life has been very good generally! Have formally introduced Mr. Phlegmatic to my parents and vice versa during Chinese New Year. It feels great when both parents approve our relationship (not that they were ever against it in the first place) 😀

Speaking of the mister, love life has been really awesome too! We have just hit our 1st year milestone and looking forward for many many more to come. Life was great and it has been even better with this man around. Totally grateful for having him in my life.

Spiritual-wise, it’s been a pretty busy year with the community and will continue to be so until our annual retreat in February. I’m enjoying it though! 🙂

Work wise, it’s been very busy and yet very fulfilling. There were just so many things to do most of the time, but it’s a good challenge and I keep on learning something new every day. Oh, I’ve also hit the 1st year milestone with the company early this month! 😀 And… have just being offered a promotion today!! Feeling very happy and grateful to have a wonderful boss and team who keep on encouraging me to do even better every time.

Ok, that should be the end of my reflection hahahahaha so short!

So this morning, at work, when Shainah stepped into the office, I let out a gasp and immediately stood up because…


Hahahahahahaha! The Grady twins are all grown up now! I was holding a knife and Shainah was holding a… scissors. Hahahaha cos there were no more knives in the office.

Our outfits were totally unplanned by the way! 😀


Went to Funan after work to accompany the mister exchanging a Minecraft tee he got from Andy (which he said is a farewell gift as Andy is moving out of the house to a new place tomorrow. Why so sweet!). The store is selling a whole lot of Minecraft merchandises and I found Om Nom (from ‘Cut the Rope’ game). He looks dumb as always, which I like. Hehehehe…

Oh, btw I like one of the Om Nom plushies, the one where he has a sad expression of missing out on the candy.

Om Nom

The one on the right!! Hahahaha looks so sad and yet so adorable!


Had dinner at Bishamon. I had the Original Miso Ramen which is so good and the mister had the Kaarage something Ramen which the soup was so salty!

Decided to walk home through Clarke Quay to see the patrons dressing up and saw this…


HAHAHAHAHA this Mario Bros riding on dunno what. Looks like a steel dinosaur or something hahahahaha!


There was also a Halloween celebration for the children at my condo (as how it is every year) and found this when I reached the lobby… I think it was some sweets with peanut or something. Thumbs up for the effort of whoever made this though!

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