First week of November

Rushing before the clock strikes midnight!!!!

Some things that happened on the first week of November 2014:

1. Gobbled down a delicious bacon prune bread. Yes, you read it right. Bacon AND prune. 

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The outer part of the bread was a little hard to cut and chew but I like it anyway. The combination surprisingly tasted good! It’s from Tiong Bahru Bakery.

2. Got my Daniel Wellington watch

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I had been eyeing this beauty (Classic St. Andrews in Rose Gold) for a few months and finally decided to get it a day before Halloween. It was a Thursday and they shipped it the next day right away. I received it on Monday, 3rd Nov! Bless you DW for providing free shipping with UPS Express.

What’s even better is that I found a 15% discount code by googling AND I think they excluded the VAT because I don’t reside in the US. Hence, the price is even lower! The original price was USD 199, and the final price after discount and minus VAT was USD 135.32! Such a steal 😀

Love how simple it is and how it is so versatile with any outfit!

3. Had a yummy Sakae don for lunch after a Friday morning meeting 

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I don’t go to Sakae Sushi regularly, so this was my first time trying out their Sakae don. Basically it’s everything salmon related on a bed of rice. From L to R: not too sure what this is, but it’s a little bit spicy (my guess is salmon mentaiko?), tobiko, salmon mayo with ikura on top, more tobiko!, and salmon sashimi. It was yum! And for S$14.99, I think this is worth the price!

4. Sending Ms. Peanut off to her wedding

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Hahahahahaha it was as if she was our daughter or something. We popped some champagne on Friday because Ms. Peanut was getting married on Sunday (which is today!). It was a quick and happy celebration. Too bad boss couldn’t join us as he was on a business trip to India.

I sent the above picture to the company’s Whatsapp group chat and Ms. Peanut just had to add a disclaimer, “For the record guys, I’m not pregnant ok!”

Hahahahahahahahaha! She does look pregnant indeed coz her clothes blended in with the chair. Hahaha!

5. Stuck in a bus stop for more than 30 minutes due to thunderstorm

Processed with VSCOcam

This happened just yesterday actually. Mr. Phlegmatic and I went for dinner at Wee Nam Kee chicken rice in Novena and he wanted to walk me home afterwards. However, it started raining the moment we stepped out of the restaurant -_- so we decided to gai gai inside Novena Square for awhile while waiting for the rain to stop. After about 20 minutes or so, we saw the rain has subsided, so we walked out, and about 100 meter later, it started to rain again, and it just got heavier and heavier and heavier from there. -_____________-

We had no choice but to ran for shelter at the nearest bus stop because the rain quickly turned into a thunderstorm…


Yep, like this.

It was so bad that visibility was significantly low and there was a mini flood at the bus stop. The wind was pretty strong too that we had to open the umbrella to shield ourselves from the splashing rain hahahaha.

Finally it got better after about 30 minutes or so and we could take the train home.

6. Tried Hokkaido milk for the first time

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I’ve been hearing so much about how the food in Hokkaido are lip-smacking good, like the corn, milk, etc. I’ve seen this brand many times and decided to give it a try today when Mr. Phlegmatic and I were at Isetan supermarket (we love finding some Japanese goodies there).

My verdict? It’s nice! But too bad it’s very pricey at S$2.10 for a small box 😦

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Our dinner. Hahaha! Nah, coz we just had some food at a friend’s place (they were having a house warming and baby full moon celebration).

So we sat down at Food Republic just beside Isetan to nom the daifuku and drinks. Purposely chose a table that’s quite hidden behind a pillar cos we did not purchase anything from the food court (a bit paiseh lah). As we were munching away, one of the cleaning lady stopped by our table and looked at our loots for a good couple of seconds. I swear I thought we were going to be scolded for bringing food from outside and get shoo-ed away!

The moment she opened her mouth and said, “这个你在哪里买?“, I breathed a sigh of relief. So apparently she was just interested to know where did we buy the daifuku!

2 thoughts on “First week of November

  1. Amazing! I’ve never seen bacon *and* prune together before.

    It sounds delicious! I’ll be on the lookout when I go to visit my niece and nephew in Singapore. Where exactly is it? Thanks Amelia!

    BTW, I love Hokkaido milk! I have had it here and in Thailand, it’s awesome. The Thai ones come in cute little glass bottles too, had it in Hat Yai yesterday.

    • It’s at Tiong Bahru Bakery! There’s one at the basement of Raffles City (where I had this bacon and prune), Tangs Orchard, and Eng Hoon St. at Tiong Bahru itself. Their croissant is yummy too! 🙂

      Ah, yes! I’ve heard about the one from Thai so many times before! Should give it a try when I have the chance to go to Bkk! ^^

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