The unfortunate fate of Mama Lemon

This true event happened a couple of weeks ago.

I happily bought a bottle of Mama Lemon so we could wash our utensils and bottles properly in the office (the current temporary office has no kitchen sink) rather than using handwash liquid.

That morning, I was happily carrying a bowl to be washed in the ladies, along with the new, pretty orange-coloured sponge and Mama Lemon. I put her (yes, she is a female obviously) on the window sill and turned on the water tap.

Mama Lemon 2

A second later, Mama Lemon decided that the world was too cruel and hence she jumped off the window sill.

It was as if the world was moving at a slow motion. I watched her falling down to the ground, slowly but surely. A few seconds later, I heard the sound. The sound confirming she has ended her life. She spilled out her content onto the ground, spreading far and wide.

Mama Lemon 1


I looked out of the window, staring helplessly at the ground 10 meters below, wanted to just run downstairs and rescue her with whatever she had left.

But I decided not to. So I left her spilling to death. I haven’t even had the chance to use ONE drop of her…

My colleagues, however, offered no sympathy and laughed as loud as they could when I told them about the sad news. Such is life…

A few days after, I realised some kind soul had pick her up and put her at a higher place…

Mama Lemon 4

Oh well, at least she is in a better place now.

Mama Lemon 3

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